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Letters to the Editor

What Toxics?

We live below Clear Creek, close enough to see the white hills ("End of the Trail," MetroNews, June 14). I am inclined to believe the study about this cryasotile asbestos not being as toxic; my kids, who are now grown without any adverse effects, were riding and stirring up the dust for 20 years.

I have a feeling it's all due to the "weed" or wildflowers they say we were destroying with the dirt bikes—too bad, as I would certainly rather see the kids from the area ride dirt bikes than join gangs or doing drugs, as there really isn't too much else for them to do. They fly the dry creek beds 4x4ing now that Clear Creek has been taken from them. What can we do? Thank you for your time.

Lisa Iverson


Bobby Booster

I just have to say that I was happy to read the article regarding Beer Run Bobby (Club Scene, July 8).

I listen to his show with great enjoyment every week. Bobby does so much for the community. If there is a family in need of donations for funerals he will not hesitate to help get the word out about your car wash or whatever it may be. He helps the community with so much information and his advertisements for the businesses around the community are another great thing. If Beer Run Bobby suggests a business, I will be sure to pass on that info to someone who can use it.

I would like to say thank you for putting his show out there. I hope more listeners tune in to his fabulous show, which is much more than listening to the great oldies, it's a total entertainment package!

Live, laugh, love to everyone!

Arlene Estrada

San Jose

No Problem?

Mayor Pinhiero, who is currently decimating our police and fire departments, makes such an outrageous statement that there is no gang problem in Gilroy, that this is just another example why he must be removed from office ('Iron Fist, Velvet Clove," Cover Story, July 8). His irresponsibility in handling public safety is his crowning achievement. A recall is on the way.

Mark A. Zappa


People Basically Suck

Your cover story is superb ("Bike to the Future," Cover Story, June 24).

However, it exhaustively covers only one topic—the societies-wide repercussions of both peak oil and (virtually) no oil—of the two key ingredients of, alas, our impending calamity.

We live in this insatiable system of ours, and I live in the midst of entropy itself, Los Angeles. That first, well-covered topic does ask why we feel impelled to do-do, go-go, shop-shop, see-see, take care of this, catch up with that, and so on. What underlies almost all problems that plague human societies is unchecked human population growth. Not since the early 1970s has any major movement or "leader" questioned it or addressed it. In essence, the human species has crushed seemingly all that is on the planet. "Leaders"—political, religious, cultural—do nothing but ignore and profit from this rapacity.

Bill Lewis

La Crescenta