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Letters to the Editor

Alien Autopsy

I attended and took part in the 2008 MUFON Symposium in San Jose, Calif., last weekend ("Truth or Scare," MetroNews, July 30), and was flabbergasted to read the "news" story you did on it. Your coverage was very negative and clearly biased using several tactics to suggest that little or no serious research was presented, that there is no verified concern about aviation safety related to UAP, and that the field of ufology is fragmented and populated by uneducated people. None of these generalizations in your article are accurate. Why not ask knowledgeable professionals to write your articles?

Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.

Oak Harbor, Wash.

Serious Look

What a tremendous article on the recent UFO conference in San Jose! Not a put-down or condescending barb in it! Many kudos to the very talented reporter who figured out how to do a credible report without coming off like a wide-eyed believer. Maybe it's a sign of the times and people are now ready seriously to discuss UFOs and all the attendant questions about cover-ups and conspiracy—in a reasoned way and not surrounded by a laughter curtain. Yay, Metro, for pointing the way!

Kenn Thomas

St. Louis, Mo.

Cosmic Balance

Thanks for a balanced report on the MUFON Symposium. It is refreshing to see journalists reporting on the facts rather than reflect their own bias on the subject of UFOs.

James Carrion

MUFON International Director

Bellvue, Colo.

Design Flawed

In reference to "BART or Bust" in the July 23 issue (MetroNews), it appears that VTA and our local politicians want to force the voters to make a painful decision on nodding to them the $6 Billion price tag for the 16-mile BART extension, or no deal.

As a practical engineer, I simply don't see why this extension cannot be built on an incremental basis, one station at a time.

Frankly, for a more efficient plan, BART extended to Milpitas Great Mall Station will link into Santa Clara's Light Right to accomplish most of the benefit for a price tag well within the affordable range.

So why are the planners are not willing to step back and get moving first instead of insisting on the 16-mile impractical design looping around San Jose?

Lester H. Lee


Martial Artistry

Re Shawnee Rivera ("More Than Kicks," Cover Story, May 28): Well-written story! More stories about local heroes, please!

Serena Satyasai

San Francisco

Word to the Wise

Re Advice Amy: Good heavens, Amy is just great. She is so entertaining and usually right on the mark. I recently sent her a note telling her of my awesome relationship with my love of my life. Just to let her know that sometimes things work out great. Amy was very prompt in responding. You folks should know that I consider her a great asset to your paper.

Good decision getting her on board your staff.

Debbie Reyna


San Jose

Conserve and Protect

Gov. Schwarzenegger recently announced that California is in a drought, and he set a goal of reducing water use by 20 percent.

Fortunately for those of us who live in Santa Clara County, the Santa Clara Valley Water District offers several successful programs to help residents and businesses use water more efficiently. These include water audits, educational workshops and rebates on high efficiency toilets, washers and irrigation systems. Information is at

Peter Drekmeier

Palo Alto