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Letters to the Editor


Good article, love going there on Sunday mornings after a night of drinking ("Mendoza," MetroMenu, Aug. 19). One thing that was not mentioned is their birria, which is a goat meat soup that kicks that hangover to the curb. Best in all the Bay Area in my opinion.

Jose Pimentel

San Jose

Web—Why Not?

If there isn't already, there should be a web-based questionnaire that would allow an entrepreneur with a business plan to determine (by navigating through check boxes, drop-down menus and red-flagged pop-ups addressing the concerns and requirements of each regulatory agency) whether his plan (at the particular location) is feasible, the anticipated licensing and inspection costs involved, the availability of grants and assistance programs and the application process estimates from each city department ("Ridden Out of Town," MetroNews, Aug. 19). Properly designed, with input from every conceivable agency, an online questionnaire could provide much of what was intended with the Small Business Ambassador Program.

Hopefully, zoning information and applicable codes are already available for perusing online.

Frustrated Finfan

San Jose

Too Much BS

Congratulations, John [Bettencourt]. Santa Clara, like Sunnyvale, is a progressive and well-run city. I can't imagine that you put up with so much B.S. for so long.

Greg Howe

San Jose

Slender Reed

The bureaucracy of San Jose is legend and has clearly set up major roadblocks for small businesses, which has not improved since the Reed administration took over. [However], noise, gasoline fumes and other emissions are just two problems that needed to be addressed.

Unfortunately, the initial OK by one branch of city government failed to even consider those problems. The detailed analysis uncovered them. That gave Mr. Bettencourt a false sense of security.

Why can't San Jose bureaucrats get it right the first time?

Johnmichael O'Connor

San Jose

Fat 'Crats

I'm disappointed that the city was financially able to send only six code enforcement inspectors to Mr. Bettencourt's shop. Once Obama's stimulus money kicks in, San Jose should be able to provide more employment and send at least eight or 10 highly compensated bureaucrats out on a mission like this.

John Galt

San Jose