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Letters to the Editor

Pita Party

I read your story about the Golden Falafel Ball ("Great Balls of Joy," Metro Menu, Aug. 26) and found it delightful, particularly the bit about the schnitzel. You managed to combine the entire conflict of being Israeli into 1 1/2 sentences. We (the Israelis, sorry, forgot to mention I'm one of them) miss the good old continent (Europe) even though it reminds us of bad things (especially when German is involved). We try to fit into the Middle East (with the falafel and all) but do it with our own fried chicken European twist, and ultimately, we have this dream about making it "big time" in the United States, which usually ends up as movers or taxi drivers in New York City or making falafels on the West Coast.

One thing about the pita, I guess it's a cultural thing: in Israel (and in other places in the Middle East), we prefer the pita to be fluffier; this way the sauces are imbibed, and by the end of the sandwich you have one last bite that tastes like everything combined. Yummy! Another big plus (and the ultimate success factor of a good pita) is that the thicker, fluffier ones are more likely to stay in one piece fill the end. Now, if you've eaten falafel in a pita, standing up, with tahini on it, and spicy salads, and some curry too, the last thing you want is a broken pita. It can ruin your entire meal, not to mention a shirt and a pair of pants.

Thanks for your article! Was a nice "taste from home."

Ran Locur

Tel Aviv, Israel

Mess Me Up

I can really win a date with the Stardust Cowboy ("Stardust Memories," Cover Story, Sept. 2)? Don't mess with me! Be still, my heart. Thank you for unearthing treasure for those of us who have yet to dig deep enough.

Felicia Ordaz

San Jose

The Right to Bare Legs

Why shouldn't Michelle Obama wear shorts when it's 106 and she's on vacation? She sets a good example for American women everywhere by being fit. Where else in the world would people object to a beautiful woman showing off her shapely, toned legs? Only in Iran or Afghanistan or maybe Outer Mongolia.

Meanwhile, yet another politician has been caught with a mistress. Hooray for Sanford's wife for throwing him out. It's the usual double standard: the President's wife can't be seen in shorts, but married senators and governors can cavort with their girlfriends and still remain in office. What a country!

Joyce Keller

Santa Cruz


While I can understand the city of San Jose providing parks for residents, and visitors, I do not understand why the city needs to provide golf courses. Even when "golf was booming," it still was only played by a very small portion of the population. It takes to long to learn and get good at, then it costs too much to play often.

The same goes with the county providing recreational airports for county residents. There are only 3,400 pilots of all ratings (student, private, air transport, etc.) out of 1,850,000 county residents. It takes $10,000 and one year of time to get a private pilot license, and then you have to pay at least $100 an hour to rent a plane to occasionally use. Most people have better things to do with their time and money.

Golf courses and recreational airports should be private businesses. If there is a demand they will succeed. If there is not a demand they will fail. Let the market decide.

Let the Market Decide


Grading Teachers

I agree that teachers should not be evaluated solely by test scores. Teachers are faced with unique challenges every year that they must flex to, such as the differences in children and the variety of classroom situations. A child's test score is one-dimensional and could never truly reflect the teacher's multifaceted impact on that child. I also agree that the better teachers out there deserve much more than they are receiving!

Kayla Coleman