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Letters to the Editor

All Super, No Sucking

Re "No. 1 With a Bullet" (MetroMusic, Aug. 15): The first time I heard the Supersuckers was about eight years ago when they played a midweek show at the Cactus Club. The fact that the club was relatively empty did not faze them—their shameless revelry and hellacious tunes infected the crowd like all great rock & roll should.

To this day they are the only band that I will clear my calendar for when they are in town; and though the crowds are much bigger now, many of us wonder when the rest of the world will catch on and we'll have to see them in a stadium. And I hope that day comes for them, because they deserve it. Thanks to Steve Palopoli for a well-written and completely dead-on article.

Renella Ramey, Santa Cruz

Reader Recommends

My wife and I love your newspaper and use it constantly for finding events and new places to eat. There is one restaurant that we had been wanting to try for a couple of years but never could find any write-ups on it. We finally ate there six months ago and now go at least once per month. The restaurant in question is the Transilvania at 330 Santa Cruz Ave. in Los Gatos.

I was shocked when I never see mention of this restaurant in your magazine. I consider this place (along with Forbes Mill and Steamers) as the best restaurant in Los Gatos. I would send someone in to try, as it is amazing food and a reminder of all of our trips to Europe. I would recommend the eggplant salad; the schnitzel is the best I have ever had (better than in Vienna); and the Feteasca Neagra wine (a Romanian red wine) is fantastic. I just wanted to provide my input as a loyal reader who loves to dine out.

Chris Olsen, San Jose

Nailed It

Re "Balls to the Wall" (Silicon Alleys, Aug. 29): As usual, Gary nailed it!!! I enjoy his articles.

Dean Davidson, San Jose

What Would Jesus Shoot?

Re "Pink Panthers" (MetroNews, March 28): There was an interesting claim in the Pink Pistols article that Jesus Christ, among other religious authorities, approved of Pink Pistols carrying semi-automatic pistols.

So I checked my Bible. Oh, yeah. You just couldn't keep Jesus from saying over and over, 2000 years before they were invented, that everyone should pack semi-automatic pistols. Why's that so hard to believe? Ah, the accuracy of the things you read in the paper! Nothing like it! And you folks worry about people abandoning the printed word? Tsk. Tsk. Why would anyone do that?

John Trunkey, San Jose

We always appreciate a heaping helping of sarcasm, John. But surely you didn't confuse the accurate reporting of statements from the group's website—which were clearly described as such in the article—with making a 'claim.' Why would anyone do that?—Editor

Manos a Manos?

Re "Manos vs. IMDb" (Cult Leader, March 14): Just wanna say that after seeing just about every episode of MST3K in its 10-year run and having them on tape, it's hard to express a favorite. But, one I absolutely never get tired of is Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2.



It's killed me for years and gets me out of hard times, definitely.

Cool article.

Blake Erickson, Hot Springs, Ark.

Cult Leader responds: Don't forget 'It's not going to be easy getting into this place.' 'How will we do it?' 'Easy!'

Up and Down

Your fall arts issue (Cover Story, Aug. 22) was great! The listings were comprehensive and with enough details. I have saved my copy for reference.

Arthur Hastings, Mountain View

Re Fall Arts "Nov. 11 at Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. Caetano Veloso, contemporary Brazilian guitarist." Caetano is a very famous singer who sometimes accompanies himself on guitar—and very well. He be in Santa Cruz on Nov. 16.

Joanna Ashmun, Redmond, Wash.

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