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Letters to the Editor

Pig Politics

Re "The Best of Silicon Valley" (Cover Story, Sept. 17): Hmm ... your cover features lipstick and three dancing pigs. You say it could refer to McCain's policies, but you put a beauty pageant crown on the top?

I would think you're asking for a serious boycott. Repeating the adolescent thuggery of the liberal activists with this sexist insult is probably not a good idea.

If there is justice, should be, in a few months, you people are out of business.

James Stacey

San Jose

Lobbying for Recognition

Re "Best of Silicon Valley": I'm writing to correct an error in your "Short List." The Chihuly hangs in the lobby of Camino Medical Group's Mountain View medical center, not El Camino Hospital, which is a separate organization (not part of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation). Camino Medical Group, which is part of PAMF, received the Chihuly as a gift from one of our patients.

Cynthia Greaves

PAMF Public Affairs

Mountain View

More Music & Nightlife

Re Best of Silicon Valley: I think you should add more categories under the Music & Nightlife section for upcoming years: Best Promoter (since they work hard to support the local music scene), divide up Best Band by genre (rock, pop, indie, hip hop, electronica, r&b, jazz, blues, etc).

Barbara Wahli

San Jose

Balled Out

I was disturbed by Ben Marks' review of the upcoming play Book of Liz ("Big Balls," Stage, Sept. 10). His brief analyses of the performances and plotline were more than adequate (in fact, his obvious enjoyment of Violet Ash's performance came through very clear), but it was his choice of descriptive terms used for Ash that bothered me.

Marks, in his very first paragraph, referred to Ash's "rotund face" and "ample alabaster calf," and described her character as "big and sweaty." No other actors in this production were described physically, only Ash.

Had Ash's size been relevant to the storyline, or had her size been inappropriate for her character, then Marks' repeated commentary might have been justified. As it stands, Marks' review was of an excellently written play, with a weak male cast, a strong female cast, and a fat chick in the lead, and that is both unnecessary and offensive.

Eileen Sigourney


Scissor Kick

Re "Running With Scissors" (Cover Story, Sept. 10): Great article. Enjoyed the big-magazine, storylike feel of the article—and quirky phrases ("spew molten flamboyance").

Especially liked how friendly Paulo comes across.

He seems like a really nice guy, despite the flamboyance.

Michael O.

San Jose

Despite the flamboyance? That's our favorite part!—Editor

B Counterpoint

Re "VTA Tax Takes a Hit" (Letters, Sept. 10): Measure B brings BART to Silicon Valley. It takes nothing away from other transit projects, as opponents erroneously claimed in a Sept. 10 letter to the editor.

In fact, by finally connecting BART, Caltrain and light rail, Measure B improves every part of Santa Clara County's transit system. For too long, we've had to live with a gap in our commuter rail system. When BART comes south from Fremont though Milpitas, San Jose and into Santa Clara, linking to Caltrain in both downtown San Jose and Santa Clara, we can finally close that gap. Linking BART to light rail and Caltrain makes all three transit choices more effective.

It's transit for everyone, with either BART, Caltrain or light rail stations within two miles or less of more than 80 percent of our homes. Opponents to this interconnected system claim that Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Kevin Murphy upheld statements critical of the Valley Transportation Authority's efficiency and ability to deliver on other needed projects. He did no such thing.

When judges consider statements made in ballot arguments, the law directs them to leave opinions alone.

You can claim in a ballot statement that Barak Obama is the most conservative elected official in United States and get away with it—notwithstanding whether that is accurate—because it is considered opinion. That doesn't mean a judge endorses it; it just means it's protected as free speech.

While you're allowed to have whatever opinion you want, you can't misuse the facts.

And that's where Measure B's opponents got into trouble and where Judge Murphy took the unusual step of striking arguments from both their Ballot Argument and Ballot Rebuttal. Incorrect statements—masquerading as fact—about VTA's ability to fund important projects and the agency's efficiency were removed as being "misleading" and "false."

Robert L. Hines

Vice President, General Counsel

Silicon Valley Leadership Group

San Jose