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Letters to the Editor

Your Choice In Jeopardy

Re Best of Silicon Valley (Cover Story, Sept. 26), Local Radio DJs: Greg Kihn? BLEECHHHH !!! He is the most self-centered assface. He is so pro-war, anti-immigrant and all around loudmouth Almaden Valley stupid head. True, he supports young people pursuing music, but he is a supporter of Valley Christian High School (where his son went or goes), which has more money than any school in the Bay Area.

KFOG—have you heard of it? It actually is an independent station with level-minded people. Although they are not based in San Jose ( neither are Sara and No-Name) they do support local music.

Greg Kihn—really? Terrible.

Kate H, San Jose

Where's Difu?

Re Best of Silicon Valley, Best Chef: Nick Difu, who took Cafe Marcello to a four-star restaurant rating and who, while awaiting a space for an "Italian Bistro" to be located in downtown Los Gatos, was the chef at 180 in downtown Los Gatos, is on hiatus. He is currently chef for private high-end dinners locally (contact 408.835.7920).

Please pass on this information a.s.a.p., as many patrons will be disappointed in the food, in that, in addition to Nick not being there, it has changed hands to two brothers, in their mid-20s, who have never been in the restaurant business.

Michael T. Kilkenny, Los Gatos

Gillmore for President

Re "The Quiet Hand of Gary Gillmore" (Cover Story, Sept. 12):

I must say that the one-sided article about Mr. Gary "the land baron" Gillmore shocked me.

We live in a country that not only supports free enterprise but actually encourages it. Am I missing something here? Isn't that basically what he has been engaged in over the years?

I don't know as yet whether what he's trying to do in Gilroy is a good thing for the community or not but I do know that if he puts his mind to it, it will probably happen.

I don't know Gary as a man, but I've seen his name in articles over the years and he is definitely someone I'd like to have on my team whether it was basketball or real estate development.

Stop sniveling and roll up your sleeves in court if you want to challenge this man's character. As I read your condemnation article, I was confused by the many allegations of illegal activities and became even more impressed with his political prowess.

Any chance we could get him to run for president? He'd probably pull back our troops and get the Iraq government to pay us for developing condos and a golf course on their own land.

I may actually write his name on my ballot in November.

Joel Jessel, Gilroy

Mexican Standoff

I'd have to disagree with Stett Holbrook's "sad and ironic fact" that Mexican food in Silicon Valley is generally not very good ("Gone Fishing," Menu, Sept. 19).

The sad and ironic fact is that Stett isn't looking for his Mexican food in the right places.

There are plenty of quality, authentic Mexican food locations all over San Jose.

It makes perfect sense that Stett would draw his conclusion given that he's looking for authenticity in places like Santana Row and in Los Altos.

One needs to venture into much grittier neighborhoods in order to taste the true heart of Silicon Valley's Mexican food. For example, the area just south of downtown San Jose between Vine Street and where First Street sort of becomes Second Street which sort of becomes Monterey Highway (now I'm starting to sound like Gary Singh!), all the way to where they cross Alma Street. Also all along both sides of the street on East Santa Clara just before it becomes Alum Rock. And various locations in the northside neighborhood on 13th Street and along Julian Street.

These are the locations serving up quality Mexican food—both traditional and seafood fare.

There are plenty more locations all across the valley—none of which will serve a guy named Stett anything called a "chickenitza." And that's a fact.

Victor Espino, San Jose

Stett Holbrook responds: I agree the best Mexican food is found in the taco trucks and taquerias on the outskirts of San Jose and I've written about many of them. But in my opinion the mediocre places outnumber the memorable ones.

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