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Letters to the Editor

Unholy Cover

Re "Barack Obama for President" (Cover Story, Oct. 15): I am appalled by the picture of Sen. Obama depicted as the Messiah. It is an offense to all Christians. There is only one true Messiah and His name is Jesus Christ. If Sen. Obama is as concerned for all people as the article professes, he will be equally offended. I believe you owe a public apology to Christians for this most inconsiderate act.

Rhoda Moulden


Hosannas for Endorsement

Re "Barack Obama for President": As a school teacher whose students prefer to not read, for pleasure or academic enrichment, I can't help reflecting that this article is going to the choir. It is they who will read and enjoy it. I wish that there was an injection, or capsule or suppository that we could administer to those who will miss this. Frankly, I surprised myself because I couldn't see early on how a campaign could last this long. How wrong was I. I naively thought most people would recognize Obama's inspirational rhetoric that would surely move mountains. Well, as it turns out he's going to have to use every arrow in his quiver it would seem. But maybe this will add to the grandeur of the drama as it unfolds. Having grown up during the Depression it is as if I have been waiting all my life to relive the disaster, but where it comes out with a happy ending, not a world war. Having seen how this country can stand united against the travails and vicissitudes of a cold, cruel world I have prayed for an event that could reunite us once again to prevail, with common purpose, against a common enemy. How could I know that it would be ourselves? At 76, I look forward to the conflict. I probably won't live to see the sublime ending of our greatest hour. At least I will have seen, as Churchill remarked, the end of the beginning. Thanks.

David A. Carpenter

Thousand Oaks

Bafflement '08

  Re "Barack Obama for President": Thank you for laying out the facts so clearly, for speaking only facts and not opinions. How refreshing. With the facts so commonly known, it baffles me that some persons who consider themselves Americans will vote for McCain. Completely baffles me.

Dr. Vimala Rodgers

San Jose

Illogical on Obama

Re "Barack Obama for President": What a terribly childish writer. I didn't have to read more than a few words to know this was an immature, illogical bleeding-heart liberal. Maybe that's what your publication is about ... I don't know. 

But this writer came across much the same as a high school student, writing his views from a position of ignorance.

Example: Houses were not cheap ... they were grossly inflated—much like this writer's ability to write factually.

Terry M. Slaughter

Eugene, Ore.

Best on Barack

Re "Barack Obama for President": Best article I have seen—bar none.

Eric Watkins

San Diego


Re "Barack Obama for President": I just wonder, eight years ago, nobody knew who Barack Obama was, then he gives one speech at the Democratic convention and he is next in line for president.

Then he promises change. Big changes. Really, do you guys really believe that he was able to finagle his way through the Democratic Party by promising the power brokers that he would close them down?

The only way he was able to secure the support he needed was to ensure the established party leaders that he would follow the party line. If Barack Obama becomes president, he will fall right into line with the socialized schemes that the DNC has been trying to push on this country since FDR.

I know your next question. So what? Well if that is really what you want, then vote for him, but please, I guarantee you, he is not the second coming of Christ. He is not even an especially good man. He is a politician; can you really doubt that he has sold out? Can you really think that he came out the sewer that is politics without a stain? Are you really that ignorant?

Vote for him if you want, but really grow up, look around. Smell the coffee. Obama, McCain, it does not matter that much, you are gonna get screwed. That is the one truth.

Alan Schwanitz

Albuquerque, N.M.