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Letters to the Editor

Leave Smokers Alone

Re: Smoking ban ("Unfiltered Controversy," MetroNews, Oct. 3). Surely this is becoming over used. Smokers have rights and smokers do not like the smell of alcohol on peoples' breath.

Drinking causes more harm in our society and in family homes across the country. Yet no one is addressing this issue.

Cigarettes are an easy target, but surely enough is enough.

There are far more important subjects that need addressing.

What about car fumes? Are they good for our health? Please change the subject.

Jeanette N., Via email

How Far Would You Go for Great Mexican?

Mr. Espino advised Stett that if he's looking for authentic Mexican food he should visit the area just south of downtown San Jose (Letters, Oct. 3) ; this is an excellent suggestion. However, I doubt someone who is comfortable with restaurants in Los Altos or Santana Row would want to venture into my neighborhood. If Stett is serious about getting a taste of authentic Mexican food, he could simply ask his gardeners to share their burritos. I guarantee the food will be authentic and tasty.

Ray Moreno, San Jose

If you take a look at Stett's reviews over the last three years, you'll see there's nowhere in Silicon Valley he won't venture for authentic and tasty food—certainly he's the most adventurous food writer in the Bay Area. And you're kidding about him having a gardener, right?—Editor

Relative Importance

Re: "Read Locally" (Silicon Alleys, Sept. 19). When my dad told me to read this article, I couldn't believe it. I didn't know that Dick's Supermarket was a big deal to Chinese immigration. Dick Yee is my great uncle, and my grandfather and my uncles all worked in the Dick's Supermarket until it closed down. The last one they worked was in Sunnyvale, and it closed down around four years ago. After reading the article I went and ordered the book.

Dennis Yee, Cupertino

Band of Confusion

Re: Genesis concert review ("Turn Me On Again," Music, Oct 17). Loved your review of the Genesis concert. Nice to hear from someone who appreciates the heart, passion and brilliance of an outstanding band. I've about had it with critics exercising their ho-hum snobbery by grousing that Genesis played both old and newer material, satisfying no one. Wouldn't playing something from every era pretty much satisfy everyone? It certainly worked for me.

Clearly the guys love making music together and Phil loves fronting the show. I saw them at the Palace of Auburn Hills and it was incredible.

A correction: Chester Thompson is the other drummer, not Tony Banks. My guess is you realized this too late to correct it before press time. Again, wonderful review.

Deb Pascoe, Marquette, Mich.

Ka-razy Controversy

Re: "The Big Payback" ("I Ain't Talkin' Just to Tease," Music, Jan. 3).

You have the saying of James Brown wrong. I'm sure someone emailed you before me on it.

I have listened to James Brown since the '50s. In his song "The Big Payback," he says: "I don't know karate, but I know ka-razor." He means you will get cut by him.

Delores Bond, Virginia Beach, Va.

Steve Palopoli responds: There is indeed some disagreement on this point, but by far the general consensus (including the most official lyric transcripts I could find) is for "ka-razy" over "ka-razor."

Soccer Haters Don't Get It

Re: "Balls to the Wall" (Silicon Alleys, Aug. 29). You nailed it. Sportswriters who grew up with football, basketball and baseball feel threatened by soccer. It could be because they don't understand the beauty of the sport, and if you don't understand something you tend to dismiss it.

It's funny, really, to see sportswriters who go out of their way to bash soccer. People like that ridicule what they fear. And what they fear is being left on the outside looking in as the sport grows.

Doug Huston, Cupertino

Mock and Roll

Re: "Balls to the Wall." I couldn't agree more with Gary Singh. All the American football, baseball and basketball players/writers/columnists who mock soccer probably would appear rather uncoordinated with a soccer ball at their feet.

Jeromy Humpherys, Fairfax, Va.

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