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[whitespace] The Goldies 2002

The Goldies

Introduction by Tai Moses

Santa Cruzans are an irrepressible, opinionated bunch. We're also enthusiastic when it comes to praising that which we love. Witness the virtual Niagara of Goldies ballots that poured into our office in February. So many hundreds of ballots arrived (far surpassing the pathetic voter turnout for the March primaries) that we had to hire outside help to count them all. (To the doubting Thomas who insisted that chimps can't count, well, we showed you.)

The results are in. Some winners are well-known, having successfully defended their titles for years. Others are upstarts who snatched victory from the jaws of obscurity.

Gold Guy Our new categories elicited some of the most vocal responses. Not surprisingly, the winner of Best Reason to Leave Santa Cruz was the outrageous rent. We were positively shocked, however, to discover that some people consider "hippies" and "tourists" good reasons to leave Santa Cruz. While many of you cited "lack of diversity" as a reason to leave, an equal number said "diversity" was a reason to stay. All of which leaves us scratching our heads and thinking, for lack of a better word, "Huh?" Also given as reasons to leave were fog, liberals, yuppies, next earthquake and not being filthy rich.

As for sex symbol, many faithful (or fearful?) citizens voted for their husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends. Isn't that sweet?

One ardent voter was so enraptured with Julio Morgani (Best Street Performer and this year's Goldie cover model) that she elected him Local Hero, Local Visionary, Best Place to Take Kids, Best Reason to Stay in Santa Cruz, Sex Symbol AND Best Clothing-Men.

Finally, the many miscellaneous nominations for the categories of teacher, massage therapist and yoga teacher made it impossible to declare winners. So instead of awarding individual prizes we're sending a vast virtual Goldie out to all the wonderful teachers, massage therapists and yoga instructors that Santa Cruz is so evidently full of. Just know that Santa Cruz loves you. All of you.


Critics' Picks: These are a few of our favorite things.

Readers' Choice:
Best Arts & Culture
Best Goods & Services
Best Music & Nightlife
Best People & Places
Best Sports & Rec
Best Food & Drink
Best You-Name-Its

It's a Sign! Readers speak out on the not-so-beloved River Street landmark.

Beat the Stuffers: Our amateur forensic analysts keep the voting honest.



Merciless Despot Tai Moses

Nattering Critics Claudia Buchsbaum, Julia Chiapella, Mike Connor, David Espinoza, Christa Fraser, Lydia Graecyn, Kelly Luker, Barbara McKenna, Rebecca Patt, Sarah Phelan, Rob Pratt, Christina Waters

Faithful Ballot Counters Mike Connor, Loren Farrar, Lydia Graecyn, Tai Moses, Rebecca Patt, Sarah Phelan, Janel Tippet, Christina Waters

Dazzling Designers Kara Brown, Tracy Haynes, Troy Kooper

Keen-Eyed Cameraman George Sakkestad

Gold Guy Julio Morgani

Surfboard O'Neill Surf Shop

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From the March 27-April 3, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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