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Silicon Valley Spring Dining Guide

Brunches, farmers markets and other ways to eat through a lush spring

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It's time to celebrate farmers, their fat fruits and veggies and the brunches that are welcome to go bottomless. Photo by John Dyke

With the rainy season subsiding and lush greenery covering the hills, farmers are making their way down muddy roads and freeways to display their artisanal goods at local markets. Some of the markets, of course, go year-round, and others, like their crops, are seasonal. There's little doubt the much-needed rain of winter has provided numerous benefits. We're officially past a brutal half-decade drought, and now we're seeing the largest local harvest in years.

Local restaurants benefit from a wealth of locally grown produce, and home cooks should be equally excited with the quality and diversity of this year's fruits and vegetables. This guide to farmer's markets in the South Bay highlights the range and easy accessibility of our region's boutique agriculture. Supporting family producers, sustainable farming practices and pesticide reduction is healthy economically and ecologically, with the added health benefit that walking around in the sunshine can improve the cardio fitness score being tracked on your wearable.