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February 7-13, 2007

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Silicon Veggie - Elisa Camahort

Silicon Veggie

Right Back at Ya

By Elisa Camahort

TO THANK Metro readers for all of the suggestions that helped me transition from vegetarian to vegan I decided to make some recommendations—not for food or restaurants, but for that wonderful series of tubes, the Internet. The Internet has become an incredible resource for prospective veg*ns (vegetarian/vegan), whether they're looking for recipes, nutritional information, humane products or inspiring stories. Here are some favorites:

All-Around Veg*n Goodness

  • Bay Area Vegetarians ( This local restaurant guide is a can't-miss—and they update it based on community votes constantly.

  • ( This is PETA's vegan site, so it's as comprehensive as you'd expect.

  • SuperVegan ( The restaurant guide is strictly New York City-based, but the rest of the site is universal.

  • Vegan Action ( Lots of info on the philosophy and practicalities involved with going vegan.

  • VegNews ( Check the marketplace section. VegNews is an awesome magazine, not just for the articles and recipes, but because every single advertisement is of interest to me! How often can you say that?

  • Vegetarian Times ( Also the web presence of a magazine, but in this case it's an even more comprehensive site, with unique online content.
  • Many of the above sites include links to sites that sell vegan clothing, shoes, belts, cosmetics, etc., so you can spend time shopping while you're learning!


  • Compassionate Cooks ( This local vegan chef produces a popular podcast, so you can listen to her "cooking show."

  • Fat Free Vegan Recipes ( provides a comprehensive interactive index of vegan recipes (and as the name implies, healthy ones). They also have a blog.

  • Kaji's Mom is also transitioning to vegan, and documenting her recipes (

  • Vegan LunchBox ( Every day this blogger records what she sent her son off to school with in his lunchbox, takes a picture of it and then also records his reaction to the various menu offerings. If you've got kids, this is the site for you (and heck, I'd eat most of this stuff myself).

  • Finally, there's my online journal of my transition from vegetarian to vegan, titled Veggie Goes Vegan ( I was surprised at the number of people who like to know what I eat every day!
  • With a vegan surfing guide I hope you'll find inspiration to go vegan for a day, a week, the rest of your life. I would love to hear how it goes at s[email protected]!

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