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June 6-12, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Justice Not Served in De Anza Case

I am disgusted that Dolores Carr has failed to implement justice in regards to the sexual assault of the De Anza team (DeCinzo, May 30, print edition).

It has become increasingly more common for the perpetrators to be protected and the victims to be left hanging in a world where there is very little healing. I know no DA wants failures on his/her track record when there is a hint of unpredictability about the outcome of the case. I would say sexual assault cases and molest cases rely heavily on confession. I know that in the case of my own daughter years ago at the hands of Victoria Brown, justice was not served. Why make the detectives work hard when they are constantly faced with decisions such as this one? What about victim witness funding? Does the DA know that the healing process through this program is compromised or aborted because of lack of prosecution? Is society becoming ever sicker?

Margaret Dahl, Los Gatos

Slice of Reality

After reading your review of "Slice" (Menu, May 9), I'm still curious about one thing: do they serve their namesake, pizza, by the slice? When I ate there two months ago, I was surprised to discover that they did not, even though it was strongly suggested by their name and décor (the small tables, the big friendly counter, the huge pictures of people holding single slices of pizza). And I wasn't alone. While I was there eating a stromboli, three other groups of people came up and asked the waiter if they served pizza by the slice, only to walk away confused when they discovered that single slices were not to be had.

I assumed the owner, if he was a good capitalist, would clear this up and start serving slices pretty soon. And since your review didn't mention the incongruity of a place called "Slice" not serving what it's named after, maybe they have. Could you please clear this up?

Aaron Wells, San Jose

Slice does in fact serve slices of pepperoni and cheese pizza. Perhaps the confusion has to do with the fact that they define a "slice" as half of their normal pies ($4.50). Or perhaps you went to the dreaded Star Trek alternate-universe Slice, which is run by bearded Spock and does not serve slices of any kind.—Editor

Feinstein Responds?

Don't know if you saw this, but Sen. Feinstein has responded to your story about Milcon ("Feinstein Resigns," MetroNews, March 21), point by point:

I can't find this response on her website, so I figure she's only releasing it to those who ask for it—but she doesn't want to put in on her site because that would cause reporters inside the Beltway to think she was really worried about these allegations.

Here's my take on her points, for what it's worth:

1. You suggest she quit from Milcon because she was getting too much heat; she says it was just part of the normal rotation of committee assignments when the Dems won Congress. On this one, there's no clear winner, no smoking gun. Yes, committee assignments change when terms end, but why would she quit from this committee if it is as noncontroversial as she claims, with no conflicts for her, etc.? And why wasn't this switch announced earlier?

2. She said she sought the advice of the Senate Ethics Committee on her own. OK, when? The date of her request, and the request itself, should be a public document. If it was after your investigation began, then she's a crook. If it was years before your investigation began, then you shot at her with a blank.

3. She makes the distinction between approving appropriations for projects that have not been awarded to contractors, and awarding contracts. Her argument is pretty convincing on this one—that she, as a senator, should be in a position to designate money for projects, but that the decision of who gets the contracts to do those projects falls to others. It's this point you guys should address. Maybe she had influence over the contracting process? If so, say how she did it—or admit that she bested you in this contest!

Anyway, be honest journalists and present her side of the story. Then address it. I think it's entirely possible that she put billions into companies owned by her husband, but you've got to prove that point—put out the evidence that refutes her points. Then let readers decide.

Bob Gamboa, Redwood City

Feet for Fondue

Re "Someday My Prints Will Come" (MetroNews, Nov. 8): And I'm sure they will. Along with hundreds of people voting with their feet as they stay away in droves from La Fondue. I will surely be one of them!

Susan K. Sylvia, San Jose

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