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July 4-10, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

He's Not a Quack!

Regarding the Cover Story ("Bigfoot Inc.," June 13), my wife and I were having dinner one night and we had the chance to meet Mr. Biscardi and his family. My wife and I were very intrigued by him and what he does. Yes, he is a bigger-than-life individual and he seems to be the real thing. I have had three liver transplants and have all along believed that I would not perish from this great planet we call home. I have to admit that no matter what you believe in, if you are devout and strong-minded about the goal, in my case living through what most doctors thought I would not is a real possibility for everyone, including Mr. Biscardi. In my honest opinion, there is a good possibility that Bigfoot exists. You yourself can not deny this. Biscardi just believes that this is a real thing and is totally committed to his endeavor. Your article is a good one, but it is a bit biased toward him being a quack; there are many things out there that we just do not understand and so we automatically discount them as not! Mr. Biscardi is an interesting person that will more than likely find or not what he is looking for.

George Plaut, San Jose

You got us on that one, George. We'd go so far as to say he will definitely find or not what he is looking for.—Editor

Yes, He Is!

Re the Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi. If you had done your research you would have found out that the guy is a total rip-off artist. He was shamed on national radio and allegedly stole many people's money during a faked Bigfoot hunt. Next time do some due diligence. This was akin to interviewing a snake oil salesman about snakes.

Kelly W., Westlake Village

You're Way Off

Nothing new about Bigfoot. Not a new species either. Nor are they animals like Biscardi claims. Nor are there only 3,500. They are highly intelligent interdimensional people that number in the millions in the United States alone. Benevolent, cautious, curious, polite, easily frightened spirit people that are eager to make new friends. They were studied at UC-Berkeley by Stephen Hawking and others during his sabbatical there in '74–75. Two were held in captivity at Lawrence Livermore National Labs in the '60s. Both escaped by outwitting their captors, by changing dimensions in their holding cell, thus leaving them to believe that they had escaped. When the janitor came into clean up, the Bigfoot glided right by him in another dimension and were then loose in the facility for several weeks. Nobody was hurt. Some coffee pots were dropped. Both eventually left the building.

Neil Bergstahler, Portland, Ore.

Shocking Story

Thank you for the lead on Jeppesen: "Breaking Jeppesen" (MetroNews, June 13), which not only brought the shocking story to a larger audience, but also gave the backstory on Claudio Gatti, the ACLU's suit, and the Torture Outsourcing Prevention Act. I was astonished to learn that there are other companies around the country who also profit from the CIA's program of extraordinary rendition. We at Southbay Mobilization for Peace are gratified to see the ACLU suit launched from the front porch of Jeppesen, right here in San Jose. Jeppesen should be ashamed of its involvement.

Rachel Baker, San Jose

Stevie Nicks: Better Than Sex

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your story on Stevie Nicks (Style, May 16); the more that is in print that is good news about Stevie Nicks, the happier my life is. It just makes me mellow when I hear nice things about Stevie Nicks. Her influence on my generation is absolutely fantastic, giving hope where there is hopelessness, sowing love where there is sadness, mending broken hearts that break from a simple stumble. Healing wounds from being thrown down. Teaching the lame in spirit to dance their troubles away. Catching our tears, calling them rain drops, "when the rain washes." She just seems to make it all better unconditionally and unselfishly. I am so happy she loves what she is doing. Blessing one's heart is a blessing in itself. In one night she blesses thousands. It must be impossible to ever bless her back in such a measure. Here I am to say blessings to you, Stevie Nicks!

Glenna Macdonald, Guilford, Conn.

Glad to hear that worked for you, Glenna, but we have some bad news. It turns out Stevie Nicks is Bigfoot.—Editor

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