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July 11-17, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Raids Are Smokescreen

Re: "Selling Sanctuary" (MetroNews, June 27). These raids seem to serve two purposes. One, so the government can pretend to care about enforcement while they carny-sell us on a new comprehensive immigration bill. The only parts of any of the other comprehensive bills they implemented were the amnesty and gravy parts for the illegal aliens. They never do get around to the enforcement parts of the bills. Except as some sort of political maneuver.

Two, seems to be to help establish sanctuary cities.

This is what has happened over and over with regard to the immigration raids in California.

1. ICE will hold small raids.

2. The newspapers will start in with the poor illegal aliens being to scared to take their children to school.

3. Public meeting for the illegal aliens will be organized. In cities around the San Francisco Bay Area, the police were involved in coaching the illegal aliens on how to circumvent the law. Many of the meetings were held in Spanish.

4. The honest people got upset and formed their own groups. Many visited their city councils.

5. There will be proposals of making the city a sanctuary for illegals!

I'm sorry if I have offended any of you and I do wish you all the best with upcoming events.

Many in the police departments here are glad to see us stand up to what has been happening to our nation. I'm sure they will be where you are too. Many honest people are forming groups in their cities and visiting their local city council meetings.

1. Find a place for a meeting. Libraries or coffee shops are good.

2. Let your local news in on what you are trying to do. Patriots or Minutemen are good key words that will let others know what your group is about.

3. Hold a meeting. Get a small group of people elected to help keep things organized and your group functioning.

4. Visit your local city council or other public meetings and let them know how you feel.

Rallies are a good way to let people in your area know what your group is about. Let the police know when you have a rally planned. To keep your group going, it can be helpful to have a flier ready to let people know of your next meeting or rally. Work on building up your contact list.

Carson B. Dugal, Fremont

The Squid Vs. The Bigfoot

Re: "Bigfoot Inc." (Cover Story, June 27). There are a number of "animals" that have been identified as having intelligence, some having intelligence far beyond that of some "humans."

Examples are the dolphin, giant squid and perhaps what we have come to call "Bigfoot." Dolphins have a sixth sense and are used to help heal the psychological traumas of children. Squids, giant squid in particular, hunt in packs and communicate their experiences to others in the pack in order to maximize the "kill." Legends and stories of Bigfoot describe a creature that can outrun most other creatures, are cave dwellers and can almost read our thoughts as a defense mechanism. They nurture their children much like we do and would rather flee than fight.

It takes little intelligence to know that humans are predators and hunters, mostly for sport and recreation. Were I a member of a species with good powers of observation and sensitivity, I would most definitely stay clear of mankind, both for my survival and that of my family and tribe. If they are "out there," let's leave them alone and in peace.

George Martinez, Marina

On a Bender

The film review of The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Film, April 11) was quite realistic. The violence in the film is used to build sympathy for the Irish efforts to ward off their occupiers. I felt a sympathy for the natives and their interest in ridding their homeland of foreign invaders. I left the film with a better sense of the roles martyrdom and ideology play by those willing to sacrifice their lives to fight occupation ... especially after they have faced torture. I better understand the willingness of Iraqis in their Civil War to rid themselves of foreign occupation. Let's hope we don't take 70 years to get a peace treaty and end the "civil" war like the British have taken in Ireland.

Jim E. Kelly, San Jose

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