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July 18-24, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Bizarre and Wrong

As a participant in the New Sanctuary Movement, I found your characterization of it bizarre and wrong ("More Sanctuary Semantics," The Fly, July 4). You claim its purposes are "nefarious" because it is "a public relations crusade to highlight a few stories of immigrant families being torn apart by deportation." Huh? What's wrong with that? Are you in favor of tearing apart families? Or do you think this should be done without publicity? Or is this an Ann Coulter trick—you make an outrageous, hateful statement and then claim you are only being satirical?

If you are serious about exposing nefariousness, why don't you investigate the haters in the anti-immigrant movement? Why don't you write about their efforts to not only destroy families but deny health care and education? Why don't you point out their real goal, which is not to keep out immigrants but reduce them to abject slavery? Why don't you demonstrate how this will drive down living standards for everyone, citizen and noncitizen alike? When God gave us our rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, he didn't stop at the border. What part of "love your neighbor" don't you understand?

Sandy Perry, Outreach Director, CHAM Deliverance Ministry San Jose

What a Dump

People who save money on delivery charges are dumping their junk (mattresses, etc.) at places like Salvation Army ("Trashed!" Cover Story, June 27). The solution is for the city to have the store charge a fee whether someone has their purchase delivered or not. The fee can go to the city for recycling expenses and reduce some of the illegal dumping.

Anita S., San Jose

Trucks for Tacos

Re 5 best taco trucks (5 Things, Dining, June 27): While I'm stuck here at the office where I work, I noticed that you rated those taco shops! Well, let me tell you something! Those places are pretty good, but my co-workers and I have another favorite taco truck! I think it's named Tapatios on Old Bayshore off 13th Street. They also have one in front of Pepboys on Story Road. I've been to Mexico a few times eating taquitos, but for the last eight years this taco truck brings every memory back! I just recently met the owner, a "very young and funny guy," and to our surprise the Food Network was filming a show with some guy named Guy. Anyway, they are great-tasting tacos, and you should give them a try!

David Z., San Jose

World Won't Listen About Lyme

Re I am glad to see that I am not the only one with issues regarding Lyme Disease. I actually contracted the disease while at work and have never been the same since. While in the hospital, a perfect Bullseye rash appeared on my side.

I was released and given two weeks of Doxycycline and have been sick ever since. I still test positive for the disease and have high protein levels in my spinal fluid. No doctor has yet been able to treat me adequately, and have been hospitalized several times since with unexplainable illnesses. My supervisor from work had visited me in the hospital during my initial infection and later told me that he thought I was going to die, that is how terrible I looked and felt.

It has been 7 years since I was infected and like clockwork I get extremely ill (incapacitating ill) about every three weeks. I am currently pursuing a disability retirement, but with Lyme Disease it is not considered a disabling disease. I have white matter on the brain, trouble concentrating, and have bouts where I believe the Meningitis returns.

It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but it is reassuring to me to see that some people actually believe that it is a real illness and that not everyone is cured so readily by the CDC guidelines. And if you read them closely, they are just what they say they are—guidelines, and are not meant to be strict protocol for treatment. If only the doctors were intelligent enough to read them the way that they were meant to be read, instead of following them to the letter and leaving so many people's lives in jeopardy. I was taught never to wish bad things to happen to others, but I wish that my doctor who had treated me initially came down with the same illness as me. I am sure that he would treat himself better than he treated me.

Thank you again for the article, it was insightful and nice to see the other side get some coverage.

Ray Buschor, Laurel, Md.

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