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August 1-7, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Disservice to Firefighters

I want to voice my complete dismay with the DeCinzo cartoon on page 19 of the July 18 Metro (print edition only).

The use of FDNY and 9/11 in this cartoon is distasteful and disrespectful of firefighters who gave the ultimate sacrifice to save others on September 11th. Secondly, the cartoon does a disservice to those who have left the San Jose Fire Department after long distinguished careers serving our community. The San Jose Fire Department provides exceptional emergency services to the residents and visitors of this great city and your caricature does a disservice to the men and women who perform these duties day in and day out. The caricatures in your cartoon minimize the human suffering associated with the injuries the numbers represent. Last December during a structure fire a house exploded from a gas leak, seriously injuring a firefighter who is still recovering from a serious back injury; last April a roof collapse at a structure fire injured several firefighters with one requiring shoulder surgery who is still recovering; and a firefighter last month who injured his back traversing a steep incline while battling a wild land fire. These are just three examples of the types of injuries and work San Jose Firefighters face every day. I want to state my objection to the caricature and assure the citizens of San Jose they are protected by the very best.

Darryl Von Raesfeld, Fire Chief, San Jose Fire Department

Humor in Bad Taste

Well ... nice to see that the San Jose firefighter bashing is not only coming from the Merc, but it comes from Metro as well. By the way, as a whole if you want to bash, you have every right to. But do not ever bring FDNY and 9/11 into some stupid attempt at humor. That is rude and highly disrespectful to them and their families! By the way, when was the last time you ran into a burning building with the risk of losing your life? Let's try to put things into perspective and not jump on the "poke fun" bandwagon. The last 24 hours was not fun for the crews or the families of those who died in Contra Costa. That could easily happen to one of us here—maybe even trying to rescue you or your family members.

I would appreciate it if you could leave tragedy out of comedy skits in the future.

Sandra Wells, San Jose

Loved the Tour

I love your "Tour the Obscure" article in Metro this week (Cover Story, July 25), especially the photos of the sites. I am a painter and those are the kind of photos I'm interested in taking in my "off painting" hours, of bleak "beautiful" places! You are really helping increase a much needed awareness of San Jose and how interesting we are! Thanks a lot!

Neila Mezynski, San Jose

Walking With Gary

As you rambled down San Carlos and then sped cross town in a tour bus, you left me mentally standing on the corner of Willard Street pondering your question regarding transforming this stretch of San Carlos into a "Grand Promenade." St. Mary's Troop 41 championship drum corps used to march down this street along with other fine units and floats in the "Beverly Burbank Jamboree" parade. So there is a precedent for this kind of thinking. There's a lot of reconstruction going on, which could lend itself to another "Rose Bowl" parade of even a "Prune Bowl" parade. "Home of the Prune Bowl" would certainly be better than the logo we have now on the city flag.

I used to deliver papers between Park and San Carlos all through high school and I would save Willard Street (or was it Buena Vista?) for my last collection so I could listen to old Mr. Buffington, a retired S.J. policeman from the '20s, reminisce about the old days and how he had a paper route in Gilroy. He would pick up his papers from the Mercury Herald, take the papers and his bike to the train station and do his route down there, getting home in time for school.

Stan Livingstone, San Jose

Kudos for Straight-Up Review

Enjoyed your review of the Green Elephant Gourmet in Metro ("Burma, Baby, Burma," MetroMenu, June 13).

I was originally from Burma-Rangoon, and hence was very interested in your opinion of the food.

I thought you did a wonderful job describing the food and evaluating it. I am also glad to see that you had wished the food was better-flavored than it was.

Well done. I cannot wait to give them a try myself.

Thanks for the accurate review.

Lin Herbert, Monte Sereno

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