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Corpus Callosum

TOUGH BODIES: Corpus Callosum are taking their investment in the local scene to another level with a series of shows at Anno Domini.

FOR THE PAST ten years, Corpus Callosum have stood virtually alone in the South Bay as a gang of misfit performance art minstrels, playing both rock shows and art shows but never quite fitting into either world.

"I don't like the distinction between performance art and music. I like both at the same time," says the band's Stevie Hryciw.

Between their blend of indie folk, and their performances—a DIY mixture of puppetry, hand-made props, stilt-walking and surreal theatrics—they are indeed hard to classify. But wherever they go, they hypnotize crowds. Take for instance a punk show they played last January at the Homestead Lanes. They managed to get a room full of punk kids to sit quietly for 45 minutes. "We like working with spaces we're given. We bring our own atmosphere and a feeling that you can be surprised at a familiar environment in a new way," says Qarly Canant.

Since they play so often at rock venues, they always have to be ready to make last-minute adaptations to how they can use props and what theatrics are even possible to execute in their shows. "The performance that we bring is shaped by the venue. We show up early and try to do something with that space," says Jason Samaha. Corpus Callosum are now embarking on a whole new era. They are curating a series of bimonthly music and theater performances at the AD Gallery titled "The Uncanny Valley of the Heart's Delight."

This Sunday will feature the equally experimental Jason Webley. Every other month, there will be an entirely new, distinct Corpus Callosum performance, as well as different bands and performance artists that they've hand-selected. "We're bridging two worlds," says Dax Tran-Caffee. Not only will a steady venue afford them the opportunity to develop more elaborate theatrical elements, but as organizers, they are changing their relationship to the South Bay music scene. They won't be simply traveling misfits, but ringleaders of the bizarre, bringing unusual acts to San Jose that would have never found its way here otherwise.

It is appropriate that the first word in the name of this series is "uncanny," since that pretty much summarizes the sensation Corpus Callosum hopes their performances create for their audiences. "We are trying to prolong the moment between perceptions and understanding, creating something familiar yet strange," Tran-Caffee explains. Hryciw puts it another way. "We want to disturb people in a way they will like.

Anno Domini

Sunday, June 19 - 7pm; $7.

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