Fall Arts 2011

CupcakeSuiteIV Jeanne Vadeboncoer's "Cupcake Suite IV" shows as park of this fall's annual art auction at the Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose.

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THE ARTS in Silicon Valley seemingly sprint at full bore year-round these days, but the arrival of fall does herald the arrival of performing "seasons"—from the opera to the symphony to the many stage companies in the valley.

Although museums don't hew so closely to the notion of a fall season, several major exhibits are on tap in the next few months, most notably the serious look at the paintings of Bay Area figurative star Joan Brown at the San Jose Museum of Art, with an eye to Brown's unsung connections to the women's movement (opens Oct. 14). Also by way of rediscovery, the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford presents "The Legend of Rex Slinkard," a look at a relatively unfamiliar early-20th-century California painter whose acquaintances and influence reach a surprisingly large swath of modern art and literature (opens Nov. 9).

In our guide to fall arts, Steve Palopoli parses the best concerts, while Alyssa Kies talks to artistic directors about what that South Bay stage scene has to offer. Film critic Richard von Busack surveys the big-screen possibilities between the summer of sequels and the winter of Oscar hopefuls. We also have a roundup of classical concerts, dance productions, operas and art shows—as well as a calendar of memorable events of all kinds. There is no excuse for going into early hibernation with so many temptations in the offing.

—Michael S. Gant, Steve Palopoli, Alyssa Kies, Richard von Busack and Joe Garza contributed to this issue.

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