Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Adult & Novelty

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All Tied Up

Handcuffs, $23-$33

Leather Masters, San Jose

Leather Masters manufactures its own quality leather goods, plus sex shop staples. Kinksters can pick up anything from full entry-level leather handcuffs to chainmail dresses, cock-and-ball rings, and all order of whips—as long as their leather daddy allows it, of course.(SL)

Cast a Spell

Victorious Employment Focused Spell Kit, $20

For the friend who has exhausted all conventional routes and remains jobless, maybe it's time for more mystical measures. The Victorious Employment Focused Spell Kit, with its oils, herbs, candles and scrolls, promises job security, personal fulfillment and financial freedom. Cauldron sold separately (seriously: $60 for a cast iron model). (JW)

Love Buzz

Lelo Vibrators, $40+

Pleasures From the Heart, Campbell

Pleasures From the Heart proprietress Lorraine Laden can barely keep the aesthetically elegant Lelo vibrators stocked. The Swedish-made sex toys come in all shades of jewel tones and the occasional offbeat iteration, including one that pulses in time with ambient noise. (JW)


Soap Rocks, $13

East-West Bookstore, Mountain View

This fragrant shop features all you need to elevate yourself to higher planes of emotional, physical and spiritual happiness. They have books by thinkers ranging from the Buddha to Tony Bennet, every massage instrument imaginable and these faux geological Soap Rocks—sudsy, shiny blocks with mineral streaks and a lavender scent to glamorize your bathroom. (JF)

High On Sex

Foria, $45

Amsterdam's Garden, San Jose

Made with coconut oil and "purified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil," Foria is a medical marijuana product specifically designed to heighten female sexual arousal and climax. As the company's website explains, it seems pretty straightforward: apply at least 15 minutes prior to sex and prepare for fireworks. (NV)


Cigarette Bangers, $3

The One Stop Fun Shop, San Jose

Got a jokester in the family? Or maybe a smoker, who needs to knock off his filthy habit. Pick up everything from magic tricks and fart bombs to a lighter that gives users an electric jolt and even tiny gunpowder charges, which can can be hidden in the tip of a cigarette for an explosive surprise. (NV)

'Plant Matter'

Various Pipes, $10-$50

The Fatty Zone, Mountain View

Bubblers, sneak-a-tokes, glass pipes and more. The Fatty Zone in Mountain View prides itself on dealing in boutique pieces, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to find a deal for that... um... "plant matter"-smoker on your list. (NV)

Vapor Trails

Ago G5, $40

Most vaping aficionados will tell you that it isn't worth spending less than $100 on a vape pen. However, if you do go the economy route, the the Ago G5 has received good marks from Gizmodo and can accommodate herbs, waxes and oils. (NV)

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