Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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THERAPEUTIC: With stores in Campbell and Mt. View, local boutique chain, Therapy has everything from coffee table books to coffee tables.

Hometown Hats

Hawaiian Snapbacks, $35+

Cukui, Japantown, San Jose

This local clothing shop, specializes in merging the traditional art of the South Bay's Mexican American and Pacific Islander communities with contemporary urban aesthetics. This season's hot gifts include their new fitted Hawaii snapbacks, elegantly crafted Koru earrings, the Cukui photo tees. (CC)

Hipster Hideout

Wool-lined Jean Jacket, $38

Black & Brown, San Jose

This trendy vintage shop has a diverse spread of desirable do-dads. They have racks of retro sunglasses (starting at $16), but the ultimate pick is from their ample jean jacket selection. Not only are they cheaper than brand-new, but you need a bit of wear on your denim gear if you don't want to look like a square. (JF)

Girafa Swag

Sticker Sheet, $8

At one time, Girafa topped the list of the Bay Area's most prolific graffiti artists. Then he got busted and slapped with a major fine. So he went legit. These days, the local artist profits from his iconic yellow-and-black character—selling stickers, figurines, T-shirts, prints and individual commissions through his website. (NV)

Taste of Japan

Various Items, $10+

Nikkei and Nichi Bei Bussan

Located just blocks from each other in San Jose's historic Japantown neighborhood, you'll find hundreds of great gift ideas at these two local shops: authentic Japanese teapot-and-cup sets, ceramic knick-knacks, instructional books on origami and bonsai and other accessories. (NV)

Another Man's Treasure

Various Items, $5+

Destiny's Attic, San Jose

It's hard to pick out a gift for someone. But sometimes, fate smacks you in the face with the perfect present. For a slap of inspiration, go down to Fountain Alley to check out this hole-in-the-wall filled with vintage treasures like old-timey brass cookware, kooky vases or cutesy ceramic statues. (JF)

Get Lost

Various Antiques, $5+

Lost in the Attic, Fremont

For the gifts that won't break the bank, Lost in the Attic features antiques and gifts at reasonable prices, in the picturesque and historic Niles District of Fremont. You'll find commemorative mugs, belt buckles, vintage clothing, vinyl records, practical household items and trinkets galore. (CC)

Get Your Shirt Together

Custom White T-Shirt Print, $19

Art Boutiki, San Jose

Like nirvana, the perfect T-shirt is an elusive, but noble goal. Online printers tend to operate in bulk or demand high prices for one-offs. For a local, low-quantity customization, Art Boutiki's in-house digital printmaster will plaster a T-shirt with whatever image you desire—without the heavy "plastic shield" so often left by low-qual screen printers. (JF)

Kooky & Spooky

Original Art, $40+

Studio Bongiorno, Santa Clara

Located next to a cemetery, this humble art gallery deals strictly in the odd and occult. Next to the ample collection of out-there local works, you can find kooky gifts like artisanally spicy incense, button-eyed voodoo dolls and whimsical pieces of jewelry centered around rare, precious, and potentially power-laden stones. (JF)

Art Cards

Robot Remix, $15

San Jose Museum of Art Gift Shop, San Jose

Most museum gift shops strictly peddle high-brow accessories to go along with their lauded exhibits. SJMA has those, but in keeping with museum's de-stuffication policy, they also have colorful, creativity-inducing kid's games—like the card-based Robot Remix. (JF)

Trippy Tees

Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $30

Lusid Dream Clothing

In his spare time, Santa Clara University hippe, Colin Mueller, began a tie-dying business, epitomizing what you were trying to accomplish with your semi-disappointing summer camp souvenirs. He can custom dye basically anything made out of fabric in mind-bending fractal patterns that span the color spectrum. (JF)

Bottled Up

Swell Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $35

Therapy, Mountain View

Therapy is an upscale—but not over the top—boutique, which sells all the stuff you desperately want. They've got cheeky coffee table books, ritzy scented candles in lacy casings and a Swell brand, stainless steel water bottle. It's hand-painted in a wood grain design and will keep liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. (JF)

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