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dredg CD-release

By Sarah Quelland

After signing with Interscope based on the merits of its self-produced concept album Leitmotif, the four members of this ambitious collective embarked on a soulful journey to Palm Desert where they immersed themselves in the spiritual setting to create the artful mood and atmosphere of their next album. Formed out of friendships made at Los Gatos High, dredg seems to exist in mutual harmony and shares an unconventional musical vision that hints at influences from Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Tool. The band reportedly heads into the studio in October to work on the follow-up to Leitmotif, which will be released sometime early next spring. In the meantime, Interscope was so pleased with the quality of Leitmotif that the company has decided to give the album national distribution. The disc hits shelves on Sept. 11 and dredg celebrates the rerelease with its hometown crowd. Pressure 4-5, Tenfold and the Apex Theory also perform.

September 15; Cactus Club, San Jose.


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