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Devine DV

ResFest 2001

By Shannon Stillman

This year, the ResFest marks its fifth anniversary as both a celebration and a technological exposition of the new wave of digital video, showcasing blowout videos for artists like Amon Tobin, Radiohead, Fatboy Slim and others, as well as documentaries, such as one about the art of turntablism aptly named Scratch. The festival also includes a screening of Blood: The Last Vampire (pictured), Japan's first fully digital full-length animated feature by the creator of Ghost in the Shell. This carnival of creation also hosts other short films, music videos, discussion panels and free seminars.

September 6-8; Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco; tickets $10 per show, or $55 for full three-day pass; tickets available online at www.resfest.com or at the festival.


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