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Geek Chic


By Sarah Quelland

The reigning kings of geek rock have done as much for geek chic as Crispin Glover. In 1994, the band's self-titled album became a huge hit in college circles, based on songs like "Buddy Holly" and "Undone (The Sweater Song)." Known for punchy power pop, catchy melodies and smart lyrics, Weezer endeared itself to awkward souls and made it hip to be square. But the band's 1996 follow-up, Pinkerton, sent it into a slump. It wasn't until a rabid new generation of young emo rockers discovered the album, that Weezer made its big comeback. With an enthusiastic cult following begging the band to return, Weezer went into the studio to record its second self-titled album, and somewhere between the gutsy guitars of "Hash Pipe" and the breezy sing-song lilt of "Island in the Sun," Weezer returned to its roots. For this tour, Scott Shriner is filling in for bassist Mikey Welsh. Cold and theSTART also perform.

September 11; 7:30pm; Event Center at San Jose State, San Jose; $25.


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