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June 20-26, 2007

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The Bank

Vince would be proud: All these people are money in the Bank in Saratoga.

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The Bank
14421 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408.867.5155
The Bank is one of a kind in Saratoga, a local dive bar amid some decidedly haughty surroundings, and boy are we thankful, because even the fanciest of neighborhoods needs to have a blue-collar drinking establishment for the regular folks. The Bank is actually Saratoga's oldest bar, and once you step inside you'll realize the validity of that statement because the interior looks as if it hasn't seen the light of day in all of its 30 years of operation. There are these freaky old whiskey decanters placed everywhere that were probably part of some landed gentryman's estate. But once you get past that, the drinks are cheap and the Bank gets Saratoga rocking nearly every night.

The Basin
14572 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408.867.1906
The Basin is the neighborhood bar in Saratoga complete with all of the amenities a neighborhood bar in Saratoga should have: an outstanding wine and port selection, excellent drinks (especially the martinis), small cheese and fruit plates and classic American fare. The Basin takes care of its patrons in style and comfort without all of the pretensions you might expect from a Saratoga bar and restaurant, boasting a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where customers and staff chat easily.

Blue Rock Shoot
14523 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408.741.5180
A great low-key alternative for a night out in Saratoga, Blue Rock Shoot offers its patrons a casual, lodge-like woodsy atmosphere in which to enjoy some local live music in the folk, bluegrass or jazz veins. The outdoor back patio at Blue Rock Shoot is the perfect place in Saratoga to catch up with old friends, and while the interior of the club is small, it provides fans with an intimate, memorable experience of any act that rolls through.

The Plumed Horse Lounge
The Plumed Horse, 14555 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408.867.4711
Formerly the Crazy Horse Lounge and Bistro, Plumed Horse Lounge islocated in Saratoga's venerable Plumed Horse restaurant. When it reopens in July after a remodel, it will once again be the only bar in town that features a dance floor and on weekend nights. It also boasts some of the best views of the mountains.

Viaggio Ristorante Mediterraneo
14550 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408.741.5300
Viaggio Ristorante Mediterraneo's bar and lounge area more than makes up for its small size and quiet atmosphere by serving excellent drinks by downright friendly bartenders that make everyone feel welcome whether they're in for a quick drink or waiting for a table in the restaurant. But if there are no tables available, you can certainly dine at Viaggio's bar and continue the conversation you already started with that friendly bartender.

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