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The Arts
August 2-8, 2006

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ZeroOne San Jose + ISEA2006:
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Workshops, Tours, Summits, Symposium, Interactive Artworks

Summits & Symposium

ISEA2006 Symposium

The Thirteenth International Symposium on Electronic Art is being held Wed, Aug 9 — Sat, Aug 12. Artists, theorists, and researcher from all over the world will present their latest findings in Parkside Hall and New Venture Hall at the Tech Museum of Innovation. The Symposium will be webcast and screened both in South Hall and the C4F3. Listen to keynote talks by Lu Jie, Saskia Sassen, and Raqs Media Collective. See a performance by Ana Munster. Complete information and schedule area in the Symposium program available at Parkside Hall and South Hall and online at

Pacific Rim New Media Summit
Monday, Aug. 7 — Tuesday, Aug. 8
10am — 6pm Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

San Jose State University in cooperation with Leonardo/ISAST will host the Pacific Rim New Media Summit, August 7th-8th. The Summit is intended to explore and build interpretive bridges between institutional, corporate, social and cultural enterprises eight areas: Curatorial; Education; Place, Ground, and Practice; Urbanity and Location; Latin American — Pacific/ Asia New Media Initiatives; Organizations and Residencies; Piracy and the Pacific; The Invisible Dynamics of the Pacific Rim and the Bay Area. The Summit will explore innovative models of cooperation among institutions and individuals, the development of interaction strategies involving technology companies, and investigation of responses to contemporary cultural issues and conditions.

Interactive City Summit
Mon, Aug. 7 — Tue, Aug. 8, 10am — 6pm
Swedish American Hall, San Francisco

As our megalopolis expands, fragments, and warps, we look towards governments, industry visionaries, world leaders, and pop stars to guide the way. The party rhetoric echoes a future vision filled with beautiful, delicious urban technologies that will sooth the souls of our communities, generate playful neo-geo landscapes, and celebrate our omni-connected harmony. But what do we truly aspire, desire, and admire? Emerge from the labs, galleries, homes, offices and suburbs. Break free and engage in the first open forum Interactive City Summit.The Event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

Codes and Creativity Summit
Monday, August 7, 2-5 pm, to be followed by a reception on the Maher Lawn
Recital Hall at Santa Clara University

As art and technology continue to increase their mutual impact on both creative practice and technological innovations, issues surrounding ownership and collaboration emerge as central themes. Issues regarding the intersection of technological resources and creative development demand the interests of companies and artists alike, while intellectual property experts continue to navigate the shifting definitions of ownership.

We're Walkin'

Workshops and Tours

There are a number of workshops and tours you can sign up for on Mon and Tue, August 7-8, and the weekend, August 12-13. See for more information about:

Free Soil Bus Tour of Silicon Valley exploring the idealistic roots of high tech culture as well as the environmental effects of the computer industry on the local landscape.

Computer Vision for Artists: Enabling perception and interactivity in artworks.

DIY Urban Challenge Workshop. Participants "hack" the streets of San Jose, creating objects, which interject themselves into the urban fabric, to stimulate new experiences of the city.

From Crisis to Bliss. Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all? Don't worry; even the professionals feel that way sometimes. Newcastle-based CRUMB — an online resource that supports curators in the definition and refinement of their practice — is manning a crisis centre at ISEA. Drop by for a soothing cup of tea and some words of wisdom. Not to mention air conditioning.

Landstream. Paint the town electromagnetic!

San Jose Remixed. This full-day, hands-on workshop introduces participants to the Korsakow System, an easy-to-learn program for creating sophisticated interactive narratives, which does not require an actual database, or programming knowledge.

Signal | Process. For artists working with sound technologies 'signal processing' is a familiar concept, which refers to the ways in which we mechanically or electronically manipulate an audio signal to change the sounds we hear. But how is sound involved in the social processes and signals we send each other in public spaces?

Transparent City. In the workshop, local participants will be invited to record stories of their neighborhood onto audio-postcards.

WetWare Hackers. A series of hands-on, how-to workshops on biotech art and wet lab procedures by Beatriz da Costa, Paul Vanouse, Oron Cotts, and Natalie Jeremijenko.

Interact NOW!

One of the primary characteristics of interactive art is that the audience becomes the participant, the producer, not just the spectator and consumer. ZeroOne San Jose and the ISEA Symposium offer many ways to participate. More information about individual projects is on the exhibits page.

99 Red Balloons
Master the art of public persuasion with this interactive mobile cinema game, which is played every afternoon and evening. Tech Museum of Innovation. See page 18 for a schedule.

Acclair: A Neurocapital service
Subject yourself to discrimination, but not as you would expect. City Hall Rotunda.

Join three other players in a game about your cyborg selves, simultaneously animal and machine. Children's Discovery Museum.

Baby Love
Crooners sound different in a twirling teacup. Add your favorite love song and go for a spin in the City Hall Rotunda.

Who knew you were so special? Use your biofeedback to power an Internet server. South Hall.

Bounce // San Jose
Engage in a conversation-oriented game with local seniors. South Hall.

C5 Quest for Success
All that driving finally pays off. Sign up to win one of three golden opportunities for an all expenses paid residency. South Hall.

Go ahead, talk to strangers. Pick up the receiver and find which volunteer is waiting to hear from you. (Volunteer to be one of those strangers.) C4F3.

Cellphonia: San Jose
Use your cell phone to add your karaoke version of the day's news headlines to a community sing along. South Hall.

Drift Relay
A collaborative psychogeographic workshop in the form of a 24+ hour exploration of San Jose. Drift through new and familiar city spaces with a Glowlab guide and a mobile kit of digital and analog recording tools, contributing to a collective journey of endurance and discovery.

Karaoke Ice
I scream, you scream, we all karaoke for ice cream.

Help paint a 5m mural of the electro magnetic landscape around San Jose.

Be a star on your local Neighborhood Public Radio. Camera 12.

Direct your own movie with just your emotions. South Hall.

P2P: Power to the People
Have a bright idea? Put it up in lights for the whole world to see. South Hall.

Park View Hotel
Put your (virtual) quarter in the slot, look through the scope, and get a different look at the cityscape of San Jose at night. Cesar Chavez Plaza.

Parking Spaces
These parking spaces are different. Kick back at the end of the day in this temporary outdoor club every evening, if you can find it.

Ping Genius Loci
Make your own music as you walk along the Passeo San Antonio.

San Jose Semaphore
Attempt to crack the code on the Adobe building.

San Jose Voices
Tell everyone what you really think. In one minute.

Sine Wave Orchestra
No more air sine waves for you. This is the real deal. Bring your sine wave and join the orchestra Saturday evening.

Make your own music as you skate the half pipe in Parkside Hall Courtyard.

Social Memory Columns
Tell it like it is in St. James Park, XX, and XXX.

Did you ever want to laugh all the way to the bank? Check out a Soundbike in South Hall. It's free. Funds not provided.

Help make this film experience memorable Wednesday night, August 9.

So you think you have the moves to be a rock start? Let the computer decide.

Tactical Sound Garden Toolkit
Find out how your sound garden grows in Cesar Chavez Plaza. Check out the toolkit in South Hall.

Untitled Media
What do you think you're looking at? Take the quiz.

People's Choice Award
Vote for your favorite artwork at ZeroOne San Jose. Cash prize to be awarded Saturday evening at the SOFA block party.

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