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The Arts
August 2-8, 2006

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ZeroOne San Jose + ISEA2006:
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The ZeroOne San Jose People's Choice Award

Vote with your cell phone for your favorite artwork

Summits & Symposium

Make your voice heard! The Peoples Choice Award recognizes the public's favorite artwork presented at ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge and the ISEA2006 Symposium. It's simple, use your mobile phone to SMS text message your vote. To vote, you simply text: "PC" + the Artwork Code (listed in the guide below) to 47647, example: text PC001 to 47647. There is no charge to vote but standard text-messaging rates do apply.

The People's Choice Award is your chance to vote for the most challenging, provocative or entertaining artwork of the Festival. Be sure to visit the exhibitions and outdoor public artworks on display throughout San Jose including: the ISEA2006 Exhibition at South Hal, the San Jose Museum of Art, SJSU Thompson Art Gallery, WORKS/San Jose, San Jose ICA, SJ Museum of Quilts + Textiles, MACLA, Children's Discovery Museum, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Anno Domini Gallery, and more. Take in the Interactive City public artworks, see a performance, experience Night Culture and cast your vote for the People's Choice Award to be announced at the Saturday evening ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA2006 Block Party on South First Street (see the "Let's Go ZeroOne" page). The winner will receive $2500 from the City of San Jose.

Please note that only 1 artist is associated with each artwork for space reasons.

Adobe Almaden Tower
100 San Jose Semaphore, Ben Rubin

Anno Domini
101 Boris and Bianca, Brad Isdrab
102 Loop.pooL
103 Matt Davignon
104 Simmer Down Sprinter, Steve Lambert
105 Your Drugs My Money

106 Breeze, Jill Coffin
107 Call, Germaine Koh
108 Chit-chat-club, Karrie Karahalios
109 CNNplusplus, Heidi Kumao
110 enCODe, Osman Khan
111 Light Bead Curtain, Ami Wolf
112 Networked Rockers, Kentaro Okuda
113 Secrets, JD Beltran
114 Pasts and Presents, Judith Donath
115 Transcriptions, John Mallia
116 Vanishing Point, Mauricio Arango
117 WIFI.ArtCache, Julian Bleecker

California Theater
118 C4I, Ryoji Ikeda
119 datamatics, Ryoji Ikeda
120 Super Vision, The Builders Association/dbox

Camera 12
121 Disown It, Patrick Wilson
122 Fingering, Tiffany Sum and Jonathan Minard
123 Neighborhood Public Radio, Jon Brumit
124 Strange Culture, Lynn Hershman
125 SWITCHING, Morten Schjodt

Cesar Chavez Plaza
126 DataNature, Shona Kitchen
127 Park View Hotel, Ashok Sukumaran

Childrens Discovery Museum
128 Animalia, Angela Main

Circle of Palms, Fairmont Plaza
328 Ping Genius Loci, Adam Somlai-Fischer
129 SEEN, Osman Khan

City Hall Rotunda
130 Acclair, Luther Thie
131 Baby Love, Shu Lea Cheang
132 Digital Kakejiku San Jose, Akira Hasegawa

City Restaurant
133 Calling for Ba Ba (Mrs. Ba), Nhan Duc Nguyen

Club Glo
134 Absence / Presence, Cenk Ergun
135 Aquavision, Joshua Kit
136 A/U_[EEE008], RYBN / EOL
137 Cinema Cycles, Ran Slavin
138 debut, Lustre + Uchronia
139 I.C. You, Sue Costabile
140 Junkyard of Dreams, Michael Lew
141 Kure Kure, Synesthete
142 Naoism, Brian Ziffer
143 Respam, Tim Jaeger
144 Silmukka, O Samuli A
145 Songs About Videos, Sue Costabile
146 taxi, take-off and landing
147 TVIV, Scott Arford
148 Undermined, Jarryd Lowder
149 Untitled, meta
150 VJ Nuutti Koskinen
151 VJ Pata de Perro
152 VJ Tim Jaeger

Container Culture
153 disCONNECTION, Xing Danwen
154 Drift Bottles, Huang Shi
155 DriftNet, Norimichi Hirakawa
156 IN[ ]EX, Kate Armstrong
157 Love Virus, Woosuk
158 Moveable Types and Instant Spaces, Taeyoon, Choi
159 Phenakistoscape, Annie On Ni Wan
160 Pacific Washup and Rerehiko, Rachael Rakena
161 Sticking Point, Shirley Soh
162 The Third Eye, Jin Jiangbo
163 Untitled, Shilpa Gupta
164 Zhong Chen (Prophecy), Xu Bing

Montalvo Arts Center
165 Bird, Sonia Khurana
166 Global Village Health Manual, Raqs Media Collective
167 Phantoms, Thushar Joag, Montalvo Art Center
168 Stains, Nalini Malani
169 Unity in Diversity, Nalini Malani

Montgomery Hotel
170 Unprepared Piano, Thomson & Craighead

Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA)
171 @Silicon_Valley, Peter D'Agostino
172 Computer Simulations: Bi Jesus Aguilar
339 Computers Are a Girl's Best Friend, Praba Pilar
173 Cyber.labia, Praba Pilar
174 Dante's Inferno in eight, Jesus Aguilar
175 Dimensions of IS: The Spe
176 LRTP, Torolab
177 untitled, Juan Luna-Avin

Parkside Hall
178 Assemblage for Collective Thought, Ana Munster
179 Skatesonic, Cobi van Tonder
180 Timecode ­ The Live Mix, Mike Figgis

San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art
181 Nate Boyce
182 Anthony Discenza
183 Elise Irving
184 Flying Machine #3, Ed Osborn
185 Lennon Sontag Beuys, Kota Ezawa
186 Daniel Massey
187 Joe McKay
188 Julia Page
189 Stephanie Syjuco
190 Telegarden, Ken Goldberg
191 The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Kota Ezawa

San Jose McEnery Convention Center
192 P2P, Gorbet Design
193 On Translation: Social Networks, Antoni Muntadas

San Jose Museum of Art
194 #060640, Harold Cohen
195 The Analogous Landscape, C5
196 Call Me, Lynn Hershman
197 Confucius Say, YOUNG-HAE CHANG
198 Core, Shirley Shor
199 DiNA, Lynn Hershman
200 The Endless Forest, Auriea Harvey
201 flw, Ken Goldberg
202 Hangwave, Alan Rath
203 I-5 Passing, Christiane Robbins
204 Identity CyBorg, Lynn Hershman
205 Instant City, Archigram
206 Jimmy Carter, Jennifer Steinkamp
207 Light from Tomorrow, Thomson & Craighead
208 My Breath, Your Nerves, The Ether, Paul DeMarinis
209 Reconstruction#5, Jim Campbell
210 Rodentia Chamber Music, Gail Wight
211 A Sailor's Life is a Life for Me, Jennifer Steinkamp,
212 SimVeillance, Katherine Isbister
213 A Song for the Silicon Valley, Tajuki Kogo
214 The Travels of Mariko Horo, Tamiko Thiel,
215 Untitled, 1974, Harold Cohen
216 Untitled, 1977, Harold Cohen
217 Untitled, 1985, Harold Cohen
218 Wave Modulation and Variation, Jim Campbell
219 The Wreck of the Dumaru, Jennifer Steinkamp

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
236 After/Image, Katherine Westerhout
220 Art About Art: Weavings, Virginia Davis
228 Insecurity, Julie John Upshaw
241 Sonic Fabric, Alyce, Santoro,

San Jose Repertory Theater
248 16 [R]evolutions, Troika Ranch

San Jose State University
250 Fete Mobile, Marc Tuters
251 SPECFLIC, Adriene Jenik
256 Spectral System, Marko Peljhan
257 Summerbranch, Igloo
258 All the News That's fit to Print, Jody Zellen
259 Altar-ations, Juliet Davis
260 Aqua, Lisa Hutton
261 D/t\P disturb.the.peace[angry, Jess Loseby
262 Net.wurker LiveJournal, Mez Breeze
263 Project for Urban Intimacy, Kristina Connerly
264 Psych|OS Generator, UBERMORGEN.COM
265 Shadows from Another Place:
Baghdad <-> San Francisco, Paula Levine

266 Breadboard Band Comes Alive!
267 Drum-Fi
268 Sine Wave Orchestra

South Hall
270 abstractmachine v87D6, Douglas Eric Stanley
272 Amy & Klara, Marc Böhlen
273 Apocrypha, Michelle Glaser
274 BIOTEKNICA, Jennifer Willet
275 Blue States, Mark Pesce
276 BodyDaemon, Carlos Castellanos
277 Bounce, Irene Chien
278 C5 Quest for Success, C5
279 Cabspotting, Scott Snibbe
280 Cellphonia, Steve Bull
281 Cloud Shape Classifier, Douglas Bagnall
282 DEFENDEX-ESPGX, MarkDavid Hosale
283 Desire Management, Noam Toran
284 Drift Relay, Glowlab
285 Ethermapping, Zita Joyce
286 Filmmaking Robot, Douglas Bagnall
287 Free Network, Visible Network, Diego Diaz
288 Glance, Guillermo Galindo
289 Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive, G. Legrady
290 Hidden Ecologies, Chris Benton
291 Homes, Taraneh Hemami
292 Interrogating the Invisible, Ian Clothier
293 LANDSTREAM, Olga Kisseleva
294 LiveForm: Telekinetics, Jeff Mann
295 Loca, Drew Hemment,
296 Mr. Jones Watches, Crispin Jones
297 Move Here, Ricardo Rivera
298 [murmur], Shawn Micallef
299 The New West, Ludica
300 Nocturne, Colin Ives
301 Obsession, Pia Tikka
302 Other[wize], Jenny Fraser
303 Palabras, Sharon Daniel
304 Paper Cup Telephone Network, Matthew Biederman
305 Particles of Interest, Diane Ludin
306 PI, Fabian Winkler
307 PigeonBlog, Beatriz da Costa
308 Pioneers Hitchhiking In the Valley of Hearts Delight, Julie Newdoll
309 Playas Homeland Mirage, Jack Stenner
310 Pimp My Heart, Takehito Etani
311 PlaceSite, Damon McCormick
312 San Jose Voices, Daniel Jolliffe
313 Situated Digital Archeology, James Morgan
314 Soundbike, Jessica Thompson
315 Tactical Sound Garden, Mark Shepard
316 Trace, Ali Sant
317 Traffic Island Disks, Saul Albert
318 Transcoded Nature, Vladimir Todorovic
319 Tripwire, Tad Hirsch
320 Uncle Tasman, Natalie Robertson
321 Untitled Media, Ian Gwilt
322 URBANtells, James Rouvelle
323 ZeroOne to the Globe-The World to San Jose, Jon Winet

Streets of San Jose
324 DIY Urban Challenge, Jonah Brucker-Cohen
360 Feral Robotic Dogs, Natalie Jeremijenko
325 Free Soil, Amy Franceschini
326 Karaoke Ice, Nancy Nowacek
327 Parking Spaces, Mobile Performance Group
328 Ping Genius Loci, Adam Somlai-Fischer
329 Social Memory Columns, Derek Lomas
355 SVEN, Amy Alexander
330 Wildlife, Karolina Sobecka
331 Yellow Chair San Jose, Anab Jain

The Tech Museum of Innovation
332 99 Red Balloons, Jenny Marketou
333 R E C O M B I N A T I O N S, Trudy Myrrh Reagan

Theatre on San Pedro Square
334 Ho Fatso, Rania Ho
335 RPM's Remixed, Josephine Dorado

336 Saint Joe, John Klima

WORKS/San José
337 art.vectors.san jose, Matt Mays
338 Blue State Red Neck, Chris Cryer
340 Datascape #0, Shona Reed
341 Dead-in-Iraq, Joe DeLappe
342 Doe-Eyed, Kristin Cully
343 Einstein's Special Theory, James Morgan
344 Hybridology, Inna Razumova
345 The Incomplete History of the Bandana, Sheila Malone
346 Infome Imager Lite, Lisa Jevbratt
347 Logic Test Box, Jason Challas
348 The Other Path, C5/Geri Wittig
349 OUT-Operation Urban Terrain and Heaven711,
Anne Marie Schleiner
350 Portrait of the Artist in Red Ink, Jennifer Henderson
351 Push Me - Pull Me: Comp, Steve Durie
352 Reversible Automata / Irreversible Automata,
John Bruneau
353 The Rush Creek Wilderness Trail 2005-2006,
Bret Stalbaum with Paula Pool
354 Sacred Environments for the Web (SEW),
Cassandra Jordan
356 Synesthesia, Kanako Ota
357 The Telepresent Tug of War, Mike Weisert
358 To the Coasts/Mirrored (Ghost) Desk, Jan Ekenberg
359 Untitled Bacteria Painting No. 2, Ben Eakins

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