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September 27-October 3, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Increase the Police

The article "High Anxiety" (MetroNews, Sept. 20) accurately quoted me, but I do not believe that the quote was my response to the question: "did I feel comforted by the city's new efforts," as the article suggests. My answer to that question is, Yes, I do appreciate the increased police presence.

Norman Beamer, Palo Alto

The Internet: Enough Sex For Everyone

I'm a man and I read your story on the rift between mother and non-mother feminists ("Mommies vs. Feminists," Cover Story, Sept. 13). Overall, I thought the story was really interesting and I hope both sides work things out.

That being said, while I believe in equality between men and women, you characterized the sex bloggers as trying to "reclaim" sexuality on the Internet from a male-dominated sex market. From my male point of view, I don't see that as ever having been exactly "claimed" by men. Certainly, we've settled that country, just to extend the "claiming" metaphor ad nauseam, but "claiming" and "reclaiming" implies that we men won it and it must somehow be wrested away from us by women. I don't think we men do own erotica, at least not anymore. So, we welcome any woman who wants to settle that land with us.

Certainly, most men, being human, like sex and like erotica. However, in the '90s, feminists seemed really anti-sex. I think we men, at least those of us who were young men in the '90s, got the mistaken impression that women didn't like sex or something. So, I see pro-sex feminism as movement internal to feminism that was a reaction to the anti-sex feminism of the '90s.

Anyway, I know this is a seemingly minor point and I realize that it's a bit of a sidebar off the main topic of mother vs. non-mother feminists, but it drew my attention, because the term "reclaiming" made me feel like I, as a man, was being blamed for women's lack of openness to the erotic—in other words that I had somehow claimed a territory of humanity for men only, which I certainly haven't. I'd just like to say as an erotic frontiersman, "this land is your land, this land is my land."

Ivan Richmond, Mountain View

Filling the News Gaps

Kudos for the recent well-written and really interesting articles on the 9/11 issue ("Unquestioned Answers," Cover Story, Sept. 5) and on Amy Goodman ("Not the Fake News," MetroNews, Sept. 13). Your reporting goes a long way to fill in the glaring gaps left by the run-of-the-mill media. I hope you take on the issues of electronic voting and how to have fair and secure elections (hint: not with Diebold, Sequoia or Hart Civic machines).

You are doing an important job of doing for Silicon Valley what the Bay Guardian does for San Francisco.

Thank you so much.

Gail Sredanovic, Menlo Park

Caboose on The Loose

My husband and I live between Alma and Almaden Parkway in those condos right off the 87 freeway. Gary Singh has solved our age-old dilemma. Every time we come off the freeway and have to wait at the light, we stare right at the Elks Club Lodge. We both think that the Elks Club has been frozen in time—circa 1950s—at least due to the exterior design of the place. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to get to the root of the Elks Club Lodge mystery. We could always see the RVs parked in the lot—I read the part in your article about a caboose being in their yard to my husband. Well, let's just say, now I know my husband is going to use that as an excuse to traipse around their parking lot some weekend to really investigate the caboose.

Mystery solved!! WHEW!! Thanks again! We greatly appreciate it. Now, we just have to find the caboose ...

Kathleen and Fred Hanes, San Jose

And of Course, The Post

Thank you for introducing my write-in campaign for the Santa Clara County District 6 School Board position to your astute readers ("The Post With the Most," The Fly, Sept. 13).

The path to a November victory will be an uphill battle. But, as my grandfather Wooden Flagpole said of his famous ascent up Mt. Suribachi, reaching the top of the mountain isnĚt important, the journey you undertake to get there makes all the difference.

In the coming months I will log innumerable hours as I present the planks of my visionary platform as I stump to voters across my district. As a trustee, I promise to never stain my political reputation with over-varnished campaign rhetoric. Not only will I represent my constituents, I intend to serve all citizens of this county concerned about our schools. That is why I pledge, if elected, to call for the resignation of Fremont Union High School District board president Avie Katz for the nepotistic action that led popular Monte Vista teacher Tim Krieger to quit. It is my sincere hope my opponent will pledge the same. Thank you, and I hope to earn your support this November.

Wooden Post, Wooden Post for Board

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