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From the importance of laughter to true crime, four South Bay literary events

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Rosie Alfaro was convicted in a brutal 1990 murder. She is one of 'California's Deadliest Women.'

Ayelet Waldman
Jan 25 | Kepler's Books
As detailed in last week's Metro, Berkeley-based author Ayelet Waldman found improved moods and increased "flow" using microdoses of LSD. Hear Waldman talk about her new book, A Really Good Day with Angie Coiro. Waldman will also participate in a conversation for the City Arts & Lectures program at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco on Feb. 16.

California's Deadliest Women
Mar 9 | Books Inc., Mountain View
A can't-miss for fans of true crime pulp. David Kulczyk discusses his collection of lurid and bizarre tales—plucked right from the police blotter—of the Golden State's most fed-up, violent women. See: chemist Larissa Schuster, who dissolved her husband in acid.

Michael Krasny
Feb 2 | Kepler's Books
The acclaimed Bay Area writer and longtime host of KQED's Forum Michael Krasny will discuss his latest book Let There Be Laughter—an exploration into the importance of levity in Jewish culture.

Ganesh Sitaraman
Mar 23 | Kepler's Books
Former policy director and senior counsel to one of the Democratic Party's last best hopes, Ganesh Sitaraman is an associate professor of law at Vanderbilt. Recently, Sitaraman has focused on America's shrinking middle class. His latest work, The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution, comes out in March. Hear him discuss the future of economic equality—or the lack thereof—at this talk.