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November 8-14, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

All Pho Nothing?

Re Vietnamese front page ("Vietnam Valley," Oct. 25): I am impressed at the thorough knowledge of the three regions of Vietnam that the author pointed out.

I'd just like to add a note that I'm extremely disappointed by the Vietnamese restaurant owners. Since the '80s when the number of Vietnamese immigrants was at its peak, there were more restaurants that were down-home-mom-and-pop.

Now, with the start of Crustacean, Slanted Door, and Ana Madera up in San Francisco, I'm afraid that the general public thinks all Vietnamese restaurants serve garlic noodles as a staple; that plates should be about five times the size of the food portion; and appetizers should be priced in the double digits! Many Vietnamese restaurants now are remodeling in order to create a business in which the owner's belief will cater to the masses and ultimately bring in more profit.

And perhaps it's true that their profits are increasing. Congrats to them. I just hope that at least the San Jose locals (no matter what ethnicity) realize that just because the word "pho" shows up in the restaurant name, that's far from defining a genuine, authentic Vietnamese restaurant.

Tram Nguyen, Milpitas

Awesome Cover

Re "Punk's Not Dead" (Cover Story, Oct. 18): Just dropping a note to say how great is to see and read about the Forgotten in Metro. The cover was just awesome! It's also good to know the history of San Jose's punk scene is not lost ...

Greg Brodick, San Jose

The Paso Connection

Re "My Paso, My Passion" (Live Feed, Aug. 30): Thanks for the chuckle! My wife and I bought a home in Paso two years ago and my wife is now a full-time resident of Paso. I work here in Silicon Valley on weekdays and spend some Fridays and every weekend at home. The old-timers have some great stories and Steve tells it like it is about how times have changed. We love Paso because of its great people, great weather (almost as good as South Bay), and laid-back environs. Oh yeah, the wine is great, too. Thanks for sharing like a true Paso Roblan!

Al Garcia, Paso Robles

Most Touching Story

Re "Still a Woman" (Style, Oct. 25): I wanted to congratulate you on the most beautiful and touching story I have ever read. Joseph Rosenfeld's tribute to his mother was forwarded to me through a friend. I read it, cried and forwarded it to every woman I know. (Might I interject—I even emailed the story to The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and Rachael Ray).

All too often we only hear the story of breast cancer from a woman's perspective. This story illustrates this hideous disease's emotional impact on the family and friends. Most important, it demonstrates how love and courage prevail.

Mr. Rosenfeld's sense of style is renowned and his compassion is unmatched. Thank you for having the insight and empathy to print this story.

I will continue to forward it to all I know. Thank Mr. Rosenfeld for this most insightful and poignant article. And thank his wonderful mother for her courage, love, and valiant spirit. Both are an inspiration for all who read this story.

Mariclare Theunissen, Philadelphia, Pa.

Elks Share

One thing not mentioned in the article "Got Elk?" (Silicon Alleys, Sept. 6) is why there are RVs parked at the Elks Lodge. The reason is simple. Many Elks and Moose Lodges offer some RV parking to traveling members. It gives members a safe place to stay, usually in-town, with less fuss and bother than a full-service RV park. It gives the Lodge a bit of extra revenue, and it provides the traveling member with a way to meet local members.

I'm a member of San Jose Elks 522 (though I'm speaking for myself, not as a spokesman for the Lodge) and I frequently stay at other Elks Lodges with my fifth-wheel trailer.

The Elks motto is "Elks Share, Elks Care." The California-Hawaii Elks Lodge Major Project addresses "the unmet needs of children with disabilities throughout the states of California and Hawaii by developing a program of supporting services to aid these children at no cost to their families and without discrimination."

Ed Greenberg, San Jose

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