Silicon Valley Fall Arts Preview

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PURPLE PUMPKINS: The Bay Area Glass Institute's yearly 'Great Glass Pumpkin Patch' is a great place to pick up classy seasonal decor

Anno Domini

'We Are Savages'

Ken Davis' solo exhibition features the sign-making expertise of this local artist and craftsman. The work presented in this current exhibit is a glimpse into the mind of the artist; the things he thinks about, personal tweaks on positive messages, and the humor he finds in himself and humanity. Thru Sep 12.

'Graffuturism's Five Year Anniversary Group Exhibit'

Bay Area graf artist Poesia has curated a lineup of premier urban and graffiti artists, all of whom have been pivotal in the development of the "Graffuturism" movement over the past five years, or who have been closely associated with it. Sep 4-Oct 10.

'Orbital—Cut Up and Rewired'

U.K. artist Dale vN Marshall returns to Anno Domini for his second solo exhibition. Marshall's raw urban roots are still prominently revealed as his work transitions to a style reflective of contemporary fine art Oct 2-Nov 14.

'Eminence Front'

Bill Koeb's solo exhibit features a new series of monotypes by the painter and illustrator, who is widely known for his illustrated stories in Clive Barker's "Hellraiser" series, and for the character Sarah in the film The Crow: City of Angels, as well as many other contributions to graphic novels and illustrations in major publications. Nov 6-Dec 12.

Bay Area Glass Institute

The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

View the seasonal work of Bay Area Glass Institute artists, who every fall create a plethora of glass pumpkins, will be on display at the Palo Alto Art Center. After the exhibit, works will be available for purchase. Exhibit: Sep 29-Oct 2. Pumpkin Sales: Oct 3-4.

Glass Pumpkin Festival

Santana Row hosts this annual holiday event, featuring thousands of hand-blown glass pumpkins created by Bay Area Glass Institute artists as well as other artisans from around the country—and all for sale. Oct 10-11.

Japanese American Museum

'Twice Heroes and More'

In order to honor those who fought for America, even as their own families were interned during WWII, San Francisco photographer and writer Tom Graves spent more than a decade collecting portraits and conducting interviews of Japanese-American veterans. Thru Dec 27.


'Atomic Number 92' | 'God's Garden'

"Atomic Number 92" is an exhibit by Andrew Irvine, a mixed media ceramic artist who is inspired by the chemistry and science behind ceramic materials and processing. "God's Garden," by Anthony Palomo, treads through shattered roses, facets of pedals and divine distortions. Sep 4-25.

'Fairy Tales' | 'Variant Life'

Donny Foley will unveil his new book, Donbon's Fairy Tales. The show will feature a series of word paintings inspired by the stories contained in the book. Kori Thompson's "Variant Life" is a series of paintings that are a direct response to pretty much every negative piece of news and advertising Thompson has been exposed to. Oct 230.

'Can't Run, Can't Hide'

Nadja Martens' new series of paintings visualizes what difficulties mean to her, how it feels, and how she observes them around her. Nov 627.

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles


This exhibit includes vintage and contemporary quilts often constructed with found materials as well as contemporary art based on quilt themes. Artists include Joe Cunningham, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Dana Hart-Stone, Luke Haynes, Clay Lohmann, Therese May, Sarah Nishiura, Jonathan Parker, Amy Trachtenberg and Ben Venom. Thru Nov 1.

'Transformation: Art From Within'

An illuminating exhibit that affirms how art enables incarcerated men and women in Santa Clara County to tap into their humanity, their spirit and their gifts. Sep 12-Nov 1.

Seeing Things Gallery

Mat O'Brien

San Francisco illustrator Mat O'Brien merges images and words with detailed lines and abstract prose. His work features elements of graphic design, paper cutouts and sometimes borrowed imagery. October.

Brent Wick

Work by Oregon-based illustrator Brent Wick, Southern California's Evan Rossel, Amine Rangstar, and Steven Free. November.

Empire Seven Studios

'Hippocampus Wallpaper'

A series of multimedia works by musicians and artists Colin Frangicetto (Circa Survive) and Drew Roulette (Dredg) that explore the idea of memory and how it shapes the way we perceive reality. Sep 11-Oct 2.

'The Gathering'

Artist Chris Gonzales' new collection of work reflects both his everyday life as a father and his transformation from the life of an illustrator to a fine artist to tattooist, Oct 16-Nov 6.

Spencer Keeton Cunningham

With his bold style, Cunningham is premiering an installation and new works that focus on the maltreatment of indigenous peoples in America, Nov 13-Dec 4.

De Sassiet Museum

'Closer by the Minute'

David and Hi-Jin Hodge showcase immersive video installations, which contemplate topics like urban blight in the town of Niagara Falls, the backdrop for the timeless world wonder. Sep 18-Dec 6.

'de Saisset: From Family Name to Artistic Legacy'

An exhibit on the de Saisset Family. Ernest de Saisset studied painting at Santa Clara and produced prolifically. His sister donated over 100 of his paintings and a large sum of money to found the museum and keep its admission free. Sep 18-Dec 6

Cantor Arts Center

'Modern Times: O'Keeffe, Stieglitz, and Toomer'

Works include Georgia O'Keeffe's painting Seaweed, photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, and Jean Toomer's modernist novel, Cane. Thru Sep 21.

'Shifting Currents'

Highlights From the museum's 20th-Century Chinese Collection. Thru Sep 28.

'Drama of Heaven and Earth'

Masks, prints, ceramics, and other visual materials associated with the dramatic arts of noh, kabuki, kyogen, bugaku, and kagura are on display in 'Drama of Heaven and Earth: The Theatrical Traditions of Japan.' Thru Sep 28.

'Fata Laughs'

Includes Robert Arneson's latest works from the 1980s, Global Death and Destruction and Wolf Head. Thru Oct 5.

'Astley D.M. Cooper'

This exhibit explores the life, work and bohemian milieu of the largely forgotten South Bay painter, Astley D. M. Cooper (18561924). Thru Nov 16.

'Word as Image'

Highlights from the Marmor Collection include Ed Ruscha's screen print Hollywood; Bruce Nauman's word-image print, Raw-War; and Jasper Johns' lithograph with lead collage, No. Thru Nov 16.

Montalvo Arts Center

'Metaphoric States'

Featuring five bronze works by American sculptor Stephen De Staebler (1933-2011). Oct 1.

San Jose Museum of Art

'Artists Including Me'

Surveying the history of art in the company of William Wegman's floppy-eared Weimaraners, Oct 3-Feb 7.

'Character Studies'

Ceramic sculptures of the human figure described as "whimsical" and "larger-than-life." All selected from the museum's ceramics collection. Oct 3-Feb 7.

'Diebenkorn in the Bedroom, Defeo in the Den'

Includes work by Willem de Kooning, Gary Outlaw, Richard Serra, Henry Moore, Philip Guston, among many others—all gifted to the museum from the Dixon and Barbara Farley Collection. Oct 3-Feb 7.


'Rick Guidice: The Nasa Paintings'

Selections from the NASA space settlement paintings, including many collaborations with local artist Rick Guidice and his illustrations of life in space. Sep 17-Feb 14.

'Stephen Beal: Warp and Weft'

Beal paints with oil, acrylic and gouache on linen canvases and wooden panels in monochromes or closely toned hues. The exhibit explores 10 years of Beal's grid paintings created over the last decade. Oct 15-Jan 3.


'Found in Translation'

Work by Pilar Aguero-Esparza, Aaron de La Cruz, Rogelio Gutierrez and Patrick Martinez. Sep 2-Nov 15.

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Annual Art Exhibition and Auction

An auction of contemporary art by local artists, including those who are currently celebrated and those who would like to be. Sep 26-Oct 24.

'Jim Campbell: New Work'

Using LED technology and custom electronics, Jim Campbell explores the connections of light, space and time. Nov 15-Feb 13.

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