Fall Arts 2018

Fall Arts 2018

Silicon Valley's theater companies, concert venues, museums and movie houses are all gearing up for an action-packed season

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's a maxim. It's also more than a bit trite. In the face of the ever-evolving flow of the universe, it takes discipline to maintain a meaningful practice.

As the Sunnyvale Community Players and San Jose Taiko celebrate their 50th and 45th anniversaries, respectively, the Chicano music-melders at the San Jose-based Sonido Clash music- and party-promotion collective are nearing the decade mark.

While each of these outfits continue to work in their own distinct idiom, the cumulative effect of their dedication is a diverse and interesting South Bay scene, consisting of classical and cutting-edge art forms.

All of the artists and arts organizations highlighted in this year's Fall Arts issue have put a great deal of sweat equity into their individual crafts. That's why they are worth celebrating.

In the following pages, you will find a discerning guide to the best that the upcoming season has to offer in local, theater, visual art, concerts and film. So break out those datebooks and read on.

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