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Stage Review: Marin Theatre Company
Playwright John Maran's 'Old Wicked Songs' suffers from predictability in Mill Valley.

Stage Review: A. R. Gurney
Pacific Alliance Stage Company in Rohnert Park and Sonoma County Repertory Theater in Sebastopol each stage his work.

Sixth Street Playhouse scores a straight flush with edgy apocalyptic musical.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Notes from Ashland in the crisp nonsummer, including reviews.

Ibsen Rules
Just in time for the centennial of his death, is Henrik Ibsen becoming cool again?

'Night' Moves
SSU's Lynne Morrow leads students through Sondheim puzzle.

Sauce and Sausages
AT plays hard with Steve Martin's naughty little 'Underpants.'

Lonely Guys
'Bus Stop' and 'All My Sons' hit area stages.

Work Play
River town springs to life in affectionate 'Dim Sum Parade.'

Rip Tide
David Templeton looks back at the top 10 torn film, concert and theater tickets of 2005.

Twain Spotting
MTC's 'Raft' marks season of greatness.

Electric Rap
Exciting and original 'Beatbox' is one of year's best shows.

Acting Out
Now's the time for North Bay theater to get political.

Much Ado to Do
Arts United Day a dizzy calendar.

Heady Stuff
'Drake's Drum' is more than scheming pirates, floating queens, beer and pizza.

High Holy Haze
Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, 'Jewish Girls' brings the house down.

Words Play
'IVES' in love with language.

Wild and Wet
'River's End' audaciously explores a famous mystery.

Wine, Women & Song
Cinnabar harvests 'Most Happy Fella.'

Free & Easy
Local theaters prepare to give it all away.

Ring a Ding Ding!
Ron Hawking does Frank 'His Way.'

Whack Attack
Dave Gorman's wonderful, horrible life is up for laughs.

Full Frontal
'The Full Monty' gets naked; 'Woman in Mind' goes nuts.

Play Dirty
Ren Faire stages come alive with some off-color comedies.

Hell Bound
The devil's in the details at Ashland.

Horns of Plenty
SRT's ambitious new season offers rich, magical 'Beauty and the Beast.'

Town Squire
Ken Brown and the art of (Sonoma) living.

Will Bill
North Bay's open spaces prepare for the best of the Bard.

Mountain Man
At this year's Mountain Play, a gritty, down-to-earth 'Oklahoma!' includes the rich family history of musician Doug Adamz.

'Buffalo' Hunt
The Rep gets real with Mamet's tense and funny 'Buffalo.'

Dream Machine
'Stones' shows Hollywood from the extras' side of the set.

Genius on the Rocks
Picasso and Einstein bump heads in 'Lapin Agile.'

Sic Sense
Actors Theatre's '(sic)' makes the words work.

A Perfect Onion
McNally's 'Ganesh' is magical, unforgettable theater.

Male Call
Where have all the good men gone?

A Playhouse Is Born
At long last, Actors Theatre and Santa Rosa Players have the new home they've been hoping, praying and (are still) fundraising for.

Stormy Marriage
'Streetcar' and 'Iguana' engage Williams brilliantly.

Coming of Age
Hip-hop theater fest legitimizes the art form.

High Hopes
MTC's sweet 'Fortune' tempts fate.

Barrel of Laughs
Colorful cast exults in hilarious weirdness of AT's new 'Wonder of the World.'

Fun with Nuns
'Nuncrackers' makes merry.

Acting Up
Clowns and monsters populate Loading Zone's sharp, satirical shorts.

Sweet Hearts
Charismatic cast shine in charming production of 'The Fantasticks.'

Price Fight
There's more than one way to scalp a ticket.

Country Matters
Memory and truth collide in magical 'Drawer Boy.'

Street Dreams
MTC resurrects Duke Ellington's long lost musical.

Lenny Lives!
New CDs spotlight Bruce's comedic genius.

Original Sins
Cinnabar's staging of 'Cabaret' transcends.

Monster Mash
'Vep' is a vampish delight.

Fall Stage
Our guide to warm autumn days, hot autumn nights.

Funny Lady
Comic Brett Butler is a mix of truck driver and Southern belle.

Love Hurts
Shakespeare's star-cross'd lovers take their lives--again.

World's a Stage
Guerrilla theater, Elizabethan-style, at Ren faire.

Two Good to See
Marin Shakespeare scores with 'Othello' and 'Conquer.'

Touring Company
A trip to Ashland is well worth the drive.

It's All Good
SRT sharpens the light in 'Our Town.'

King of Comedy
Aaron Lamb's performance anchors SRT's top-notch 'Present Laughter.'

Big Willy
It's Shakespeare's world--we just watch it.

Comedy of Errors
Petaluma's Cinnabar Theater presents John O'Keefe's world premiere, 'Queer Theory.'

Play's the Thing
To director James Dunn, theater is forever.

American Idol
'Barrymore' proves that a single great performance is all a one-man show needs.

Dark 'Day'
AT's staging of Kushner early work is timely, unforgettable.

Parlor Games
'High Society' provides plenty of the wrong kind of fun.

Fringe on Top
Dominican's annual celebration of undiscovered one-acts.

Prayer Warrior
Choreographer Ronald K. Brown comes into the light.

Last Dance
PASCO conjure up dreamy 'Lughnasa.'

With 'La Traviata' and a host of other plays in rotation, the North Bay Theater Group sets the stage for a new era. David Templeton treads the boards.

Behind Closed Doors
'No. 11 (Blue and White)' depicts a dark side of high school life.

In the Zone
In Loading Zone, actors are doin' it for themselves.

Kill the Critic
'' turns theater reviewing on its ear.

On Prospera's Island
Napa Valley Shakespeare Festival's 'The Tempest' brings womanly energy to the storm.

Front & Center
The Napa Valley Opera House opens with a bang, bringing 19th-century style and 21st-century culture to Napa.

Hearts of Darkness
'Big Love' offers grim view of gender war.

A Night at the Opera
Napa Valley Opera House gets a makeover.

Come Together
King and Phillips shine in 'Talley's Folly.'

Talkin' Trash
Don't let the 'Rashomon' flirtations of 'Trailer Trash' fool you--this musical sticks to its roots.

Short Stuff
Theater gets fast and furious in 'Quickies.'

War Is Hell
'Kuwait' serves up truth and consequences.

Hot Damn
For actor-writer Eliot Fintushel, the end of the world is a one-man show.

Hatching a Gem
A band of actors join together onstage to resurrect the colorful socialist chicken ranchers of 1930s Petaluma.

Singles Scenes
One is the loneliest number in 'Company.'

Stage Flight
Kurt Weill offers a prescription for modern living.

Girl Power
In Aristophanes' fantasy world, no sex equals no war--equals dick jokes galore.

Flat-Out Git It!
Protorockabilly luminaries Maddox Brothers and Rose get their due in a Pacific Alliance Stage Company production.

Rebel Souls
Misfits fight back in 'Fugitive Kind.'

Fun Club
Will and Debi Durst stand up and laugh back at the year 2002.

Passion Play
An old love gets a second shot in 'Skylight.'

Missing Kinks
No socks equals no sex in 'Psychopathia Sexualis.'

Bread Fever
Renowned bread builder Joe Ortiz bakes up a yeasty musical.

She, Robot
Performance artist Tom Sgouros ponders the nature of a robot's brain and lets the kitchen sink do the talking.

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