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Visual Arts

Art Exhibit: 'Shot Up' at The Attic
Range shooting comes to a downtown art gallery.

Museum Review: '¡Arte Caliente!'
Vivid colors and forceful figures dominate show of Chicano Art at San Jose Museum of Art.

Museum Review: Edvard Munch
A show of Edvard Munch prints at Cantor Arts Center at Stanford opens a window into the Norwegian artist's troubled soul.

The Big Four
Introducing the North Bay's newest arbiters of taste.

Growing Pains
A new show at Cantor Arts Center tracks 19th-century ideas about children in high art and popular culture.

The Soul's Sanctum
Jennybird Alcantara's paintings explore the darker realms of human nature.

Naked Cities
Tracey Snelling and Michael McMillen fashion miniature worlds at de Saisset show.

Kyoto Dreams
The Asian Art Museum displays the works that made Kyoto a center of artistic ambition.

Threads of Memory
Human hair connects the generations at SJICA and MACLA.

Conceptions of Misperception
Antenna Theater founder Chris Hardman's dual purpose.

Creating Places
Reflections on Patricia Johanson—the artist as savior.

Facing War
Pictorial memorial makes unusual connections.

Face the Camera
Our second annual photo contest is all about face.

Poised for Pleasure
Holiday arts: Our guide to the season's upcoming movies, arts, music and stage events.

SoFA Grows a Gallery
Anno Domini moves into the old Camera One building on South First Street in the downtown arts district.

A Better World
'The World on Sunday' showcases the graphic triumphs of Joseph Pulitzer's Sunday 'World' of the early 1900s—now all we get is 'Parade.'

SoWat if They're Stars?
Local media celebs Chip and Kirby's master plan starts with the SCICA's festival of contemporary performance.

Homage to Catalonia
A new show at San Jose State's Thompson Gallery highlights the varied traditions of Catalonia.

On Your Marks
MACLA's 'Can Control' displays graffiti's artistic side.

Prehensile Tales
On intelligent design, Bigfoot, Bob Cooper and our nearest ancestors.

Circles Of Hell
At the San Jose Museum of Art, Sandow Birk escorts Dante into the modern world.

Hall of History
From daring cyclists to Dictaphones and panoramic views of the old days, the new City Hall features slices of the valley's past.

Open for Artistry
Open Studios returns to the county for the 20th year in a row with eyes facing forward.

Wall Art
A new show at Stanford surveys the art of political persuasion.

Bought and Sold
Art gets an extreme makeover at WORKS show.

Flavius of the Month
HBO's new 'Rome' wasn't built in a day, but a lot of viewers won't make it past the series' first hour.

Fall 2005 Arts
Performing Arts
Visual Art

Sweet Story
A San Jose kid takes second prize at a sugar-cube art competition for his model of Mission San Jose.

We Can Build You
New exhibit brings Frankenstein's legacy to life.

Three by Three
A trio of Bay Area art veterans outshine their choices for the next generation at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

Mixing Medias
Three artists at MACLA explore a wide range of techniques and materials in 'Connecting Forms' show.

Crumb for Dummies
'The R. Crumb Handbook' chronicles 45 years of graphic outrage by the man who didn't come here to be polite.

Graphic Outrage
R. Crumb puts his happy hippie heyday to rest.

Living Fine
Clip 'n' save--your one-step Google-bot to Bay Area arts.

Mining the Image
Edward Burtynsky's photographs at Stanford depict ravaged but strangely compelling landscapes.

War Storey
San Jose artist Barron Storey draws on Goya to chart the horrors of 'Black Iraq.'

The Mr. T. Experience
'The Sopranos: The Complete Fifth Season': don't fuggetaboutit.

Private Universe
Robert McChesney's galactic world.

River Run
'Vanishing Worlds' show at Cantor preserves ritual artifacts of endangered Amazonians.

Miracle Worker
How one man convinced all of Sonoma County's cantankerous and disparate arts orgs to work together--in the name of sculpture.

Eyes Wide Open
This year's Open Studios covers three weekends and ranges from Pacifica to Morgan Hill.

Self-Made Men
SJSU grad student Jana Marcus documents transsexual men's notions of masculinity in her show 'Transfigurations: The Making of a Man.'

New museum director Amos Klausner has designs on the future.

Pigment Pleasures
The abstractions of Naomie Kremer shimmer in full flux at SJICA.

For its first biennial show, MACLA surveys the state of California Chicana and Chicano art.

Rifling The Past
Sarah Winchester's compulsion to sprawl lives on in Jeremy Blake's motion-picture paintings.

Grist at The Mill
From gopher traps to Pong and Pet Rocks, Los Gatos has been a hotbed for inventors.

Fluid Dynamics
The Blobjects movement refuses to be pinned down in new design show at the San Jose Museum of Art.

Finding Form
Nathan Oliveira's recent print show seeks to reveal the inner figure.

San Carlos Street Style Rez
An artistic revolution hits the skateboard decks at MAH.

Byck's Miracle: Sculpture Sonoma, 2005--coming to a venue near you.

Drew Stories
In 'Girl Power!' exhibit at SJ Museum of Art, Laurie Long spies on her own life.

Culture Salute
The ballet's 'Middle Kingdom—Ancient China' paid tribute in dance to China's history.

East vs. West
Avant-garde Chinese artists take on Western notions of politics and culture in 'On the Edge' at Stanford.

Craft As Art
The distinctions vanish at Palo Alto Art Center's show of Japanese art.

Fantastic Four: A new quartet of superheroes steps up to fight evil. Their turf? The Middle East.

Around the Rim
New shows at SJICA and MACLA.

Boob Tube: Fighting willful nipples, Shrinky Dinks and computerized sewing machines, Sara Bir descends to semi-celebrity status on 'Smart Solutions.'

Mayhem in Miniature
The true-crime dioramas of the Nutshell Studies scale murder down to dollhouse size.

The Great Black Hope
Ken Burns' new documentary about boxer Jack Johnson tries to reconcile liberal ideals with American racism.

Addicted to Joys
Rock writer Michael Goldberg turns his eye to new challenges.

Stub Sandwich
A critic looks back on his top 10 torn tickets of 2004.

Sense of Place
The results of our first annual photo contest.

Houses of Memory
Artists try to ravel up the threads of past lives in shows at SJ Museum of Art and SJSU.

Locked In Gilded Cages
'Women on the Verge' show depicts the cultural confinement of the 19th century.

Stone Secrets
Bill Atkinson's magnified images reveal hidden beauties in the rocks around us.

Apocalypse Now Showing
An air of impending doom enlivens the best pieces in the San Jose Museum's permanent collection.

Secret Life of Paints
New exhibits at Sonoma County Museum marry artists with the natural world.

Crossing Over
Our staff psychic decodes the meaning of the UCSC Arts & Lectures 2004-2005 season.

Signs of Life
'Amazing Luminous Fountain' marks new era for di Rosa.

Zine Scene
The San Jose Museum of Art goes way outside the mainstream for exhibit of DIY mags.

Small Worlds
Robert Schwartz's paintings roil with mystery; SJ Museum of Art celebrates its 35th.

Paint the Power
Richard Godinez's large paintings attack current events head on.

A State of War
A new exhibit looks back on how the impact of the Vietnam War was felt in California.

Valley Viewed
'Artists for Hire' at History San Jose reveals how San Jose's finest paid to have themselves immortalized.

Fall Sleeves
A new show at SJSU recalls the days when album covers were an art form.

Fall Arts 2004
Classical Music/College Series
Visual Arts
Pop Music

Toe to Toe
The dance and art scenes collide at the opening of the Attic, Santa Cruz's ambitious new art space.

Fall Visual Arts
Our guide to warm autumn days, hot autumn nights.

Mr. Fliptron Goes to Burning Man
'Vault of Heaven' theme sends artists to the moon.

The Painted Smile
Western stereotypes meet Japanese realities in new show about geisha at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum.

Picture Puzzles
An interactive show at the Cantor Arts Center raises a 'Question' or two about what makes art.

Little Triggers
Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara's images of precocious, punk-rock children disturb and disrupt our dreams of innocence.

By the Beautiful Sea
Just at the golden sweet spot of high summer, several visual art exhibitions beckon us back indoors.

Sense of Place
Sculptor Robert Ellison shapes the world.

Bronze Age
Rodin exhibit descends upon Sonoma.

Wealth of Junk
Sculptor Patrick Amiot and the flowing universe.

House Detective
Local author George Espinola tracks down downtown San Jose's architectural memories.

Moderne Dreams
The Legion of Honor traces the rise of Art Deco.

Hacking Free
Alex Galloway and Cory Arcangel mount an assault on the protocols that control digital information.

Studio Studies
Three weeks of Silicon Valley Open Studios reveal the tense coexistence of art and technology.

Producing Paradise
Artists remake nature at COPIA.

A Different Beat
Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti's arty side shows at new San Jose Museum exhibit.

Passing Fancies
A new exhibit in Los Gatos traces the touchy subject of preparing for the great beyond.

A new show at WORKS samples the art of California MFA grads.

Focus Factors
Artists Jim Campbell and Misch Kohn call for close regard.

Mystic Pages
The Rosicrucian Museum hosts a new show of rare of esoteric volumes.

House Unbound
Everyday objects get new lives at San Jose Museum of Art's 'Domestic Odyssey.'

Canvasing the Century
'Picasso to Thiebaud' displays a wealth of 20th-century art at Stanford's Cantor Center for Visual Arts.

Graphic Violence
The new exhibit at Caffe Pergolesi is raising eyebrows--but for Santa Cruz artist Koak, that's par for the course.

Ice Queen
Heiress and adventurer Louise Boyd's dual existence.

Monkey Business
The King Library hosts 'Art of the Zodiac,' a look at how Taiwan artists interpret the year of the monkey.

In the Looking Glass
Artists create images of themselves in new Stanford portrait exhibit.

Frozen Energy
L.A. painter Ed Moses continues to make his mark.

On the Etch
Printmakers show at WORKS displays wide range of tastes and techniques.

Breast in Show
The new art show 'Got Breast Milk' takes a confident look at a subject that society often turns away from in embarrassment.

It's Only a Game
'Fictional Worlds' show at Stanford traces development of narrative in computer gaming.

On Our Backs
Santa Cruz photographer David Steinberg clicks his way into the bedrooms of real people to portray the raw beauty of real sex.

One Wrong Tune
Down in Carmel, the controversy over an unpopular acoustic system has cast a shadow over the much-hyped opening of the newly renovated Sunset Center.

Imperfect Cool
Tyler Clark Burke and the Perpetual Motion Roadshow take DIY creativity to the next dimension at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose.

The Buoy Next Door
The Rio's new space one door down is a boost for local artists and a boon for arts-friendly technology in Santa Cruz.

Wild at Art
Internationally renown wildlife photographer Frans Lanting opens his gallery in Santa Cruz.

Objects on the Go
California artists redefine the still life in a bold new show at the San Jose Museum of Art.

Tony Award
James Gandolfini's complex comic mob boss makes 'The Sopranos' on DVD the best Mafia tale since 'The Godfather.'

Peanuts Paean
Tom Everhart treats some familiar characters in new ways.

Design by Committee
The city of San Jose looks to the public for public-art ideas.

Ansel Adams & Me
Santa Cruz's Seema Weatherwax may be the most important photographer you've never heard of.

Weaving Sustainability
Jeanne Sloan brings Mayan weavings to Petaluma.

For Better or Worse
Day of the Dead celebration reminds that life's better than the alternative.

Hudson's Hawkers
Alfred Bierstadt and the Hudson River painters sold audiences not just pictures of America, but the idea of a new land.

WAMM, Bam, Thank You Mams!
Sex Goddess Annie Sprinkle gives her breast effort in an educational evening of erotic imagery benefiting WAMM.

Seed of the Mind
Chiyomi Longo's painting in full flower.

Recall Antidotes
A few suggestions for not thinking about next Tuesday's electoral obligation.

Humble Pie
William T. Wiley's long and tortured involvement in having fun.

Out of Their Gourds
From the garden springs art, in Food for Thought's third annual Calabash Festival.

Visual Poetry
Iranian artist Seyed Alavi illuminates language at SSU.

Fall Arts Rising
Our guide to the season's stage, dance, classical music, concerts, movies and more.

Midnight Rainbows
Sebastopol artist Jim Standard has transformed surplus military optics into indescribable, candle-powered pieces of prismatic art.

In the WORKS
San Jose's alternative art space celebrates 25 years.

Dropping Anchor
Quicksilver Mine Co. makes the move to Forestville.

Curl Crazy
The sport of Hawaiian kings of Cali cutups rides into the San Jose Museum of Art.

Strangers in a Strange Land
Monks from the Gyudmed Tantric Monastery take residence in Napa.

Biblio Art
The new San Jose Public Library includes some aesthetic surprises.

9/11 Lite
A made-for-TV docudrama with George W. Bush as superhero is sure to smoke out high ratings. Is your remote control ready to roll?

The Accidental Satirist
David Rees on clip art, catharsis, office monotony and land-mine relief efforts.

High Art on the Hog
Fine art meets found art when Michael Leeds gets his motor runnin' and heads out to the junkyard.

Divine Inspiration
Rhythm and prose in 'The Lives of the [local] Muses.'

Down the Garden Path
A rich new show at the Cantor Arts Center traces our changing ideas about civilizing nature.

Into the Light
James Turrell illuminates discourse at the Sonoma County Museum.

Trash Culture
Artists find rapture with scrapture at the dump.

Bottom Line
Why Karen d'Or may be the art council's good fortune.

Life Is ELSA Ware
ELSA Productions' ELectron SAlon 7 dives into the murky waters of the unconscious and emerges with trippy software, virtual reality and experimental music.

Man and Machine
How Rauschenberg and architecture collaborate at Ken Berman's studio.

Paper Trails
SMOVA's traveling 'Under Pressure' exhibit makes its mark.

Ego for It!
Even Freud would agree that the Boulder Creek Art, Wine & Music Festival is a feast for the senses.

Unnatural 'Law'
In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. This local art exhibit riffs on both of them.

Open-Door Policy
Santa Clara County artists expose their creative journeys at Open Studios this weekend.

By the See
Headlands Center for the Arts rocks the eye.

Digital Hardcore
Guerrilla News Network turns suppressed news into music videos.

Radio On
To a nation of rapt listeners, Ira Glass is a radio hero.

Trubee or Not Trubee
The myth, the man, the legend, the unknown twisted genius of John Trubee.

Two Houses
Villa Montalvo pairs Patrick Dougherty's inviting garden folly with images of some harsher homes in 'Dwelling' exhibit.

Good Enough to Eat
'Icing on the Cake' at COPIA demonstrates how modern cake decorating embraces tradition but continues to push the envelope.

Stamps of Approval
Philately by the people for the people.

Funk Daddy
Painter Wally Hedrick goes on strike.

Hard Hat Area
Jim Haynes, Dianne Jones and Mike Meyers alter reality at WORKS/San Jose.

Brave New Worlds
A show at Roshambo highlights a world in chaos.

Photo Mount
Stanford traces history of Eadweard Muybridge's experiments with motion photography.

Choe Time
Graffiti artist David Choe gets off the streets and into the galleries.

Artist Randy Hussong is inspired by the good things in life.

Live and on the Air
Partnership blooms between Sonoma County Library and KRCB Radio.

Painter's Fiction
Sonoma painter Chester Arnold follows the metaphor.

Enron's Scarlet Letter
The TV docudrama 'The Crooked E' spreads the blame for Enron's collapse too thin, but makes its points at the margins.

Glue It Yourself
Anno Domini's 'Zines' exhibit documents the cheap, self-producing world of zines from across the country.

Fifteen to One
SMOVA exhibit raises the stakes and the odds.

The Peter Principle
Sixties graphic icon Peter Max opens a new gallery in San Jose.

Logo a Go-Go
For a uniquely local last-minute gift strategy, it's time to brand your friends and loved ones Santa Cruz.

Waste Not
'FOUND' Magazine shows off throwaway glimpses of America's collective unconscious.

Horse Play
Giant Steps offers a specific yet effective type of therapy.

Heavy Metal
Nicolas van Krijdt's 'Inland Ocean' not for those afraid of the water.

Smith and Messin'
Two exhibits to thrill and delight.

The Freakin' Frida Phenomenon
From refigerator magnet to Hollywood totem, Frida Kahlo refuses to submit to the madness. Because she's dead.

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