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Radio On
With her new album 'Kala,' M.I.A. blows up musical history to make way for its future

Music Interview: Devil Makes Three
Too much of a good thing is no longer a problem for this punk-ass newgrass trio.

Mūz: Santa Cruz County Symphony and Fishbone
Juxtaposition of two concerts on one night highlights the quality and diversity of the Santa Cruz music scene.

Music News: More From SXSW
Music editor Todd Inoue reveals even more about 2006 SXSW indie music conference.

Music Review: I Am Ghost
Punk group from Santa Cruz delivers more than mascara.

SXSW 2006
At annual conference, the key to longevity in the music business is to do what you love and love what you do.

Asobi Seksu
Reaching the plateau of pleasure at SXSW.

Alone Together
Rock reflects the singular in the collective.

Arctic Monkeys
Are concert tickets worth $100 on Craigslist?

Ray Manzarek
Former Door finds new life in the old songs.

Kiosk of Misfit CDs
The music no one checks out at the public library.

Frantic Search
Bay Area maverick artist Michael Franti takes his musical mission to the Middle East.

Summer Of '42
Fort Minor's Mike Shinoda talks about his family's internment camp story in 'Kenji.'

Fever Pitch
Augustana bridges Britpop and Americana to make a sound of its own.

Chris Squire Just Says Yes to Syn
The Yes co-founder and king of all Rickenbackers explains the Syn's roundabout reunion.

Let It Shine
For darph/nadeR, salvation is the noise itself.

America's Rockingest Home Videos
Why settle for MTV when you can make your own?

Remaining Mysteries
Ruminators provide 'Loomings,' not answers.

Crushingly Spastic
Archeopteryx are damn good at being horrible.

Celluloid Hero
Ex-Braid and Hey Mercedes singer Robert Nanna begins anew in The City on Film.

Revenge of the Power Trio
Pennsylvania's Pearls & Brass bring the noise and something more.

Hard, Loud and Fast
Classic punk catalog comes to an iPod near you.

Not Sold in Stores
The sorry ballad of Time-Life's '70s Music Explosion.'

He Cares a Lot
Secret Chiefs III's Trey Spruance leads seven bands and a record label. What did you do today?

Unsung Hero
Al Kooper casts a long shadow.

Curating The Grotesque
For Oakland's Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, all the world's a stage.

Girl Power
Box set sets record straight on the fairer sex.

Cover Me
Are Bay Area tribute bands even better than the real thing?

Oh, the Things Yule See!
Los Straitjackets discover the meaning of Christmas.

Nothing Amateur About It
Matt Driscoll and Strictly Amateur Films pump out the indie hits in Aptos, one release at a time.

Happily Deranged
Kids' show 'Pete & Pete' mined underground rock way before 'The O.C.' did.

Even More of Les
Primus chieftain releases paean to solo projects.

Mortality Combat
Nine Inch Nails' resident Rasputin ponders his own arena-size profile.

Child's Play
CD box set celebrates neopsych progeny.

Happily Deranged
Kids show 'Pete & Pete' mined underground rock way before 'The OC' did.

Blame Canada
Politics, punk and Visa worries fuel the anger of Winnipeg's most vocal punk group.

Bombay the Hard Way
Garaj Mahal brings its own brand of jam band ragas to Moe's Alley.

Politics, punks and Visa worries fuel the anger of Winnipeg's most vocal punk group.

We've Got to Carry Each Other
Whatever you say about Bono and his Secretariat-sized ego, the man can make an entrance.

Standard Deviation
America's Radiohead? Roots-rock saviors? The Standard sound like neither, but don't tell critics that.

Diamond Is Forever
How can Neil make a comeback when he never went away?

Star Pilots
Jefferson Airplane pass a milestone.

Cab Fare For Cutie
DCFC's Christopher Walla dishes about touring, arranging and life before Fox teen dramas.

Not Your Mama's Marching Band
Even after 10 years together, Drums and Tuba is still striving to perfect its sound. Results thus far have been inspiring.

Distort Yourself
Carrying on after the death of a lifelong friend and band mate, Social Distortion's Mike Ness discovers another state of mind.

Order From Chaos
The Moistboyz are America's premier dirt rockers, a self-identified genre infused with profanity, distortion and more than a healthy dash of paranoia.

It's a B-Side Thing
The Fighting Jacks aren't breaking up, but lead vocalist Casey Linstrum is breaking out.

Rack of L.A.M.B.
The Gwen Stefani show would have rocked if she wore sensible shoes.

Curating the Grotesque
For Oakland's Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, all the world's a stage.

The Best and the Bright Eyes
Conor Oberst and company won't let success keep them from experimenting.

Gov't Mule Variations
Try as it may, fate can't moe. down the mule.

Get Over Yourself
Tender rock star egos crave the validation (and big bucks) that a solo career affords.

Use Your Delusions
Cake takes a wide-legged stance on the ridiculousness of modern rock and the viability of uniqueness.

Book Your Own Life
The Big Bang Festival once again blows up, showcasing the best in Santa Cruz underground music.

Loop Gurus
Loopfest main man Rick Walker techs no prisoners.

In Flames
Mexican rockers Molotov boast of cajones as big as grapefruits.

Reigning All Over the World
Swampmeister Tony Joe White on 'Rainy Night in Memphis,' German techno and his high-profile heroines.

Behind the Mask
A Scorsese documentary and a wave of new releases don't think twice about revealing the real Bob Dylan.

Frantic 'Antics'
Interpol moves beyond the comparisons.

All Born to Die
Nevada Backwards look on the sunny side of life.

Full Circle Imperium
Underground legends the Hieroglyphics return to the Catalyst.

Laptop Lounge
Brazilian Girls bring their global glamour and a New York City 'melting pop' aesthetic to the Attic.

Cal Jam
Fans get behind the White Stripes at the Greek.

Continental Drift
After the passing of bassist Brent Kimble, the instrumental band Continental soldiers on.

Does Anybody Remember Zoso?
A new book overanalyzes 'Led Zeppelin IV.'

Kiss Off
Sure sign of aging musicians: outdoor winery concerts.

Miss Him When He's Gone
Ten years ago, the world lost Jerry Garcia. But the music never stopped.

Rock of Lamb
Lamb of God brings its 'pure American metal' to the Shoreline.

Inspecting the Spectacle
Clawing through the dirges and theatrics of the New Thrill Parade.

Psycho Sexy
Don't be scared, it's just the Deadutantes.

Sweat, Beer and Roq y Roll
As one journey ends for Café Tacuba, another begins.

Stay Focused
Trip Device are rockers with a master plan.

Seven Bands Enter, One Band Leaves
In our own version of Thunderdome, the Battle of the Bands finally hits the Catalyst's main stage.

Apocalypse Now
Okinawan aggro-punk trio Bleach03 only look innocent.

Dashboard Confessionals
Lhasa DeSela hits the Rio Theatre with a new record, a new attitude and a new take on life on the road.

Get Back
Are the Pixies this generation's Beatles or Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Go Dumb
How guilty pleasures disengage brain from body.

Holiday in Cambodia
Dengue Fever forges on in face of language barriers and terrorist sweeps.

Natural High
Two bongs up for Bay Area stoner metal heroes High on Fire.

Gonna Hang Out with My TANQ Out
The summer concert season offers multiple opportunities to rock out, chill out and zone out.

Up the Dosage
San Jose Civic Auditorium and Live 105 BFD? WTF?

At Play in the Fields of the Lord
The South Bay rock scene goes to church.

I Will Survive
Gomez goes live, splits with Virgin.

Not From Here
Day One Symphony heads out on the road with Dredg.

Maggot Brain
San Jose is for heshers; when will commercial radio recognize?

Is it possible to love Beck and despise Scientology?

Mo' Is moe.
Diminutive name, huge talent.

Paid in Full
The recession is almost over, rock is for old people and dancing is back. An SXSW roundup.

Gory Details
Forget the First Twins. The Gore Gore Girls are here to kick ass.

All About Antony
A tranny torch singer from Los Gatos becomes the toast of the New York underground.

Coin-Operated Band
Who sings that crazy song? It's the Dresden Dolls.

Off the Hook
Guest writer Mike Park remembers a time when Fishbone was red hot.

Get Down, Make Love
The Lovemakers don't pussyfoot with their intentions.

Riding the Storm Out
In 2004, pop music was a mess of contradictions.

Kitschy Xmas
Director John Waters plays the perfect holiday host.

Rocking in the New Year!
The Donnas share their secrets. Plus,

parties, shows, dining.

Spirit Fingers
'Cheer Music' is not healthy for sweater monkeys, the long of attention and other living things.

Once More, With Feeling
What happens to a one-hit wonder? Dishwalla doesn't want to find out.

So Your Kid Likes Avril
All is not lost! Avril Lavigne is the gateway drug of the new generation!

Dude, Where's My Guitar?
Wilco plugs in on its latest record, 'A Ghost Is Born.'

Halloween Havoc
Rivals bring cliques together for their Halloween special.

Gettin' Grown
Six hearts beat as one in L.A. underground group the Visionaries.

Mandatory Mariachi
Changes afoot at KSJO—is Spanish language around the corner?

Metal Massacre
The Eagles of Death Metal owe their existence to Jackyl and facial hair.

Personality Crisis
The New York Dolls jet back to life.

Life Sentence
'Lust For Life' looks back at the San Jose punk scene, circa 1980-89.

Party Up
Does the triumphant return of Prince say more about him or his audience?

Heat Wave
The Funk Brothers bring sunshine on a cloudy day.

To Hell With the Devil
Can't figure out how Christian black metal could possibly exist? Read this fast, because FaithFest SC is here.

Rock Hard
The buzz over Strata heats up, and the Campbell band fires up the fans.

Aural Fixation
Papa Roach gave an explosive performance in Santa Cruz charged by new material.

Aural Fixation
The San Jose rock band Divided debuted all-new songs at the Blank Club last Friday.

Aural Fixation
Papa Roach hits the clubs to debut songs from its forthcoming 'Getting Away With Murder.'

Aural Fixation
dredg hits the road with Hoobastank to debut new material from its forthcoming Interscope release.

Modesty Blaise
Modest Mouse shills for Nissan and break some hearts in the process.

Aural Fixation
Basement 3's latest, 'Fuzzyland,' reaches the light of day.

Aural Fixation
Get ready for a sweaty workout as film star-turned-rock siren Juliette Lewis' band heats up the Vans Warped Tour.

Get in the Van
Without Camper Van Beethoven, there would be no indie rock. They're really sorry about that. But the good news is they've gotten back together to put all the whining alt-pop imitators to shame.

Aural Fixation
Jewel gave a warm performance on a cold night at the Mountain Winery.

Aural Fixation
Jewel scales back on her commitments and focuses on her music.

Aural Fixation
Dashboard Confessional incites a cathartic purging of demons at the Event Center.

Aural Fixation
The Lost Trailers travel America on their label debut, 'Welcome to the Woods.'

Aural Fixation
Campbell's Strata shines on SnoCore as it prepares to release its Wind-Up debut.

Aural Fixation
The White Stripes' Jack White produces country legend Loretta Lynn's latest, 'Van Lear Rose.'

Hot Stuff
There's plenty of fire left in psychedelic blues-rock band Canned Heat at the Metro Fountain Blues Festival.

Aural Fixation
Jolie Holland casts spells on her eerie new Appalachian gothic album, 'Escondida.'

Aural Fixation
Kid Rock brought some old-time rock & roll to fans at the HP Pavilion.

Manifesto Destiny
From Monument to Masses makes music for the people.

Aural Fixation
A Burning Water released debut album 'We Can See the Sky From Here' last Friday.

Aural Fixation
Blake Sennett's latest project, the Elected, offers eclectic twang on its debut, 'Me First.'

Mega Men
Video games are bad for your eyes, but thanks to the Advantage, they're good for your ears.

Aural Fixation
Self-starting Oakland pop-punk quartet the Matches gets ready to catch fire with Epitaph release.

Aural Fixation
Tesla played new songs to Bone listeners at Paramount's Great America.

Monster Clubbing
The Groovie Ghoulies rock & roll in the belly of the beasts.

Aural Fixation
Bubblegum-punk trio Here Kitty Kitty unleashes sophomore album.

The Weak in Rock
This weekend could be the most musically impotent in recent San Jose history.

Aural Fixation
Courtney Love plays with fire on her fun, furious solo debut.

Aural Fixation
Tesla plays the Bone's listener-appreciation party at Great America.

Loud Return
Krenshaw previewed new songs to longtime fans at the Blank Club last Friday.

Aural Fixation
Ones and Zeros gears up to release its third album.

Aural Fixation
San Jose's Insolence still high from Japan's SonicMania.

Aural Fixation
David Bowie didn't just rely on old hits to wow fans at the HP Pavilion.

Aural Fixation
Insolence played a warm-up for Japan at San Jose's VooDoo Lounge.

Leo the Lion
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists prescribe punk rock via '60s R&B.

Aural Fixation
Point 3 warms up for the release of its new album.

Popular Mechanics
Captured! By Robots reinterprets the greatest story ever told.

Aural Fixation
dredg debuted new songs to a full house at the Catalyst.

Aural Fixation
Mark Kozelek aches for the past on 'Ghosts of the Great Highway.'

Lost in Transition
In 2003, San Jose's rock scene staged a quiet comeback with new clubs opening and bands signing deals.

Aural Fixation
Nadine Condon wrote the Cliffs Notes to making it in the music industry.

Punk Burlesque
Two great radical traditions meet on Suicide Girls website and tour.

Aural Fixation
Superjoint Ritual's Phil Anselmo went on revolutionary tirades last Wednesday at the Edge.

Aural Fixation is for sale--if no one buys it, the site will close.

Aural Fixation
Manmade God headlined KSJO's 'Homegrown' show at the Edge.

Aural Fixation
Korn's 'Take a Look in the Mirror' offers an assaulting view on users and takers.

Aural Fixation
Lit road-tested new songs at the Edge.

Richman, Poor Man
Could the happy-go-lucky Jonathan Richman ever be in a funk?

Aural Fixation
dredg's artful appeal brought a studious-looking crowd to the Edge.

Back 2 the Future
Korn and limpbizkit hit on the past while pushing toward the future on the Xbox Back 2 Basics tour.

Aural Fixation
Korn and Limp Bizkit co-headline the Xbox Back 2 Basics tour.

Aural Fixation
Insolence celebrated its homecoming at the Edge last Friday.

Trash City Rockers
San Jose's Trash City Saints is part band/part mutual appreciation society.

Aural Fixation
Stuart Davis celebrates the feminine divine on 'Bell.'

Separate But Equal
Two views on Outkast's new double CD, 'Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.'

Aural Fixation
Halloween comes early for Kiss and Marilyn Manson fans. Also: check out snapshots of Kiss, Manson and Aerosmith.

Aural Fixation
Trapt takes on Santa Cruz with Die Trying and InBALANCE.

Knife Fight
Shonen Knife--sisters Naoko and Atsuko Yamano--enters its third decade as Osaka's finest punk-pop export.

Aural Fixation
'Want One' finds Rufus Wainwright in a New York state of mind.

Aural Fixation
My Morning Jacket's heavy-reverb Americana rock isn't retro, it's classic.

An Epoxy Upon Thee
The Epoxies brings its music to the masses with carefully uncontrolled chaos.

Aural Fixation
The New York-based Cecilia makes the most of its second tour of the Bay Area.

Aural Fixation
Lords of the Manor played a short set of new songs at the Blank Club.

Jealous Again
All those magazine articles and touring with the Foo Fighters don't translate into success for buzz band the Jealous Sound.

Aural Fixation
Alien Ant Farm makes a fANTastic recovery.

Home Boys
Strata scopes out the tricky music industry minefield from its Campbell roost.

Aural Fixation
Lollapalooza 2003 offered an artistic bounty of alternative culture.

Higher Power Chord
Can a band be Christian rock and popular? San Jose's Fighting Jacks will soon find out.

Count on It
Legendary San Jose band the Count Five reunites for one more 'Psychotic Reaction' at the Edge.

Aural Fixation
Low Flying Owls should fly higher than ever with 'Elixir Vitae.'

Metallica's Summer Sanitarium 2003 Tour Photo Gallery
Check out photographer George Sakkestad's snapshots of Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne and the Deftones.

One More Time
Is it better to burn out or fade away? A reunited Jane's Addiction may learn the answer the hard way.

Aural Fixation
Tywanna Jo Baskette's haunting 'Fancy Blue' is uncommonly beautiful.

Frequent Funky Miles
The long, strange trip of Los Amigos Invisibles.

Aural Fixation
Did Smash Mouth's 'Get the Picture?' miss its prime time?

Aural Fixation
Local bands busted out new tunes for KSJO's 'Home Grown' show at the Edge.

Aural Fixation
The Dixie Chicks didn't let threat and controversy stop their Top of the World tour.

Not Over Yet
With Ian Astbury on lead vocals, two original Doors make a comeback as the Doors of the 21st Century.

Aural Fixation
Marilyn Manson and Korn show same ferocity of spirit they did in '95.

Whistlin' Dixie
Who knew the world's most controversial band would be three gals from Texas?

Former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp pulls a reverse 'Beverly Hillbillies' and rediscovers his creative essence.

Aural Fixation
Poison's big return to the Bay Area was marred by a low turnout.

2 Hot 2 Handle
Jewel--yes, Jewel--goes pop and storms the dance floor on '0304.'

Aural Fixation
Texas guitar slinger Jesse Dayton returns to the West Coast.

Aural Fixation
Kenny Chesney brought his down-home hits to Shoreline Amphitheatre.

A Mighty Hux
They are the Huxtables, and you can't fuxtables with them.

Aural Fixation
LIVE 105 celebrates a decade of BFD.

Thunder Road
Franky Perez goes to Hollywood and becomes a rock & roll star.

Aural Fixation
Stunt Monkey takes a leap of faith with new UTR Music Group label.

Ted Shred
A Ted Nugent fan issues a plea to the Motor City Madman: Get off the soapbox and just rock.

Aural Fixation
In subways, parks and clubs, the jam-pop Veltz family rocks as Cecilia.

Hot in Here
Britain's Coldplay gets a warm stateside reception.

Aural Fixation
Poison's Bret Michaels shares decades of memories and experiences on 'Songs of Life' solo release.

Aural Fixation
The California Music Awards are free this year.

Manson Family Feud
Marilyn Manson's latest album, 'The Golden Age of Grotesque,' drips with absinthe and animosity.

Aural Fixation
Insolence ushers in the summer with irie vibes and a sunny new LP.

Aural Fixation
The Edge rocked last week with Meshuggah and Suki Jones.

Back Track
With 'Black Cherry,' electropop artists Goldfrapp fiddle with a successful formula, posing a dilemma for one fan.

Aural Fixation
Guns n' Roses' original drummer Steven Adler is back with new band Suki Jones.

Aural Fixation
Headliner of the Music as a Weapon tour, heavy metal band Disturbed was crowned king for a night in San Jose.

Garage Rock Defcon
How the White Stripes took over the world.

Aural Fixation
Bon Jovi's 'Bounce' tour packed the Pavilion; San Jose Jazz Society announces Jazz Festival Lineup.

Come Together
San Jose rock fusion band Divided learns to live with its differences.

Aural Fixation
(hed) Planet Earth hit San Francisco with 'Blackout.'

Raveon D'etre
Three chords never sounded so good--the peculiar attraction of the Raveonettes.

Aural Fixation
Local metal bands participate in the CD-release party at the Blank Club.

Poison Pen
The Black Heart Procession flirts with murder mystery on its latest album, 'amore del tropico.'

Aural Fixation
(hed)P.E. returns to Northern Cali to hit the Fillmore with songs from its newly released album, 'Blackout.'

If the music industry can survive recession, digital downloading, war and club tragedies, it will roar back with a vengeance--a special SXSW report.

Aural Fixation
The Epoxies brought their New Wave droid-pop to the bold new Blank Club last Thursday.

Beauty and the Beat
Former Go-Go Belinda Carlisle answers the burning question: What's punk got to do with it?

Aural Fixation
With a big turnout at the Edge, an EP on the way and a new alliance with Gary Avila, it's all good for Insolence.

Aural Fixation
Spoken-word and hard rock collide with Hippie Aggression's peace, love and in-your-face vibe.

Buzz List
Circle the hype wagons and prepare for the next wave of scene stealers: the Raveonettes, Goapele, the Streets, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ms. Dynamite, DJ Jester and Triple Threat.

Aural Fixation
AM Radio is stepping up in the world.

Scribble Jam
While the White Stripes play private shows for celebrities, the Aislers Set plays basement parties. The group couldn't be happier.

Aural Fixation
Atomic Mint gets red hot on new album 'Audio Candy.'

When Karate High School hits the stage, anything can (and does) happen.

Aural Fixation
Stikmon goes for broke with new performing-arts center.

Aural Fixation
Stuart Davis breathes life into acoustic rock on his not-so-posthumous new live album.

Banana Squash
Stunt Monkey goes wild in the punk-pop jungle.

Aural Fixation
The Donnas spend the night at the new Edge.

Aural Fixation
Sacramento's Luxt unleashes 'American Beast.'

Pressed for Time
Henry Rollins makes time for a benefit record, a Black Flag reunion show and a spoken-word tour--and that's just one month.

Push Play and Record
Ultra Records blows the lid off of celebrity-curated mixtapes.

Aural Fixation
A look back at an eventful year in local music.

Aural Fixation
Death Angel Rules; So Long Kleidon's.

Feel For You
The Pattern doesn't neglect its influences and ends up making rock & roll that just may influence you.

Aural Fixation
Roach Rules.

He Likes to Score
Peter Gabriel's recent soundtrack work just might overshadow his latest album, 'Up.'

Axl to Grind
Guns N' Roses stands up San Jose--and you're surprised?

Aural Fixation
Mix 'N' Matchbox.

Scream Dream
Primal Scream gets caught in another crossroads on 'Evil Heat.'

Finders Keepers
Santa Cruz's Rick Walker finds sound in the strangest places.

Aural Fixation
Reaction 31 and Divided.

All Shook Down
Rock critics can't help themselves when it comes to groups like the Flaming Lips.

Aural Fixation
Pirate-radio jock Michael Magic's current medium of choice is TV.

New York State of Mind
South Bay indie band Ee jets to CMJ and rocks the Guggenheim.

Aural Fixation
Find out where new bands can play and what local club bookers are looking for.

All Shook Down
Pearl Jam's new record is a typically frustrating listen .

Aural Fixation
Trapt's lyrics expose the dark side of growing up in Los Gatos.

All Shook Down
The idealism of regional indie scenes is captured by the Bright Eyes.

Aural Fixation
Los Bastardos de Amor played their best set yet last Saturday at the Icon.

All Shook Down
Ryan Adams may act like an indulgent rock star, but he can back it up.

Jazz Nation
Guitarist Charlie Hunter targets alt-rock fans.

Ain't Nuttin' But a 'Now' Thang
'Now THAT'S What I Call Music' turns 10, provides insight into what was pop music.

Invisible Touch
Los Gatos' latest major-label export Trapt is determined to find success on its own terms.

The Joe Must Go On
The very good life of the valley's original wedding singer, Joe Sharino.

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