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Restaurant Reviews

Photo Amici's East Coast Pizzeria
Pizza. 225 W. Santa Clara St., SJ. 408.289.9000. 11am-10pm M-T, 11am-11pm F, 11:30am-11pm Sat and 11:30am-10pm Sun. $16.50-$22.95.

Photo Twist Café and Bistro
French and American. Shrimp and scallops in a bag is a specialty at Twist. 247 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell. 408.374.8982. Cafe 9am-3pm Tue-Fri, 9am-2:30pm Sun; Bistro 5-9pm Wed-Thu and 5-10pm Fri-Sat. Lunch $6.25-$8.95, dinner $16.95-$22.50.

Photo Nha Toi
Vietnamese. Rare taste of the stylized northern Vietnamese cuisine. 460 E. William St., San Jose. 408.294.2733. 9am-10pm. $5.25-$22.95.

Photo Junnoon
Indian. Captures the eclectic flavors of modern Indian cuisine. 150 University Ave., Palo Alto. 650.329.9844. 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:30-10pm Mon-Fri, 5:30-10:30pm Sat. $16-$29.

Photo Bay Leaf
Thai and Indonesian. A rare chance to sample the fine food of Indonesia. 22 S. Sunnyvale Ave., Sunnyvale. 408.481.9983. 11am-3pm and 5-9:30pm Mon-Thu, 11am-10pm Fri-Sat and 11am-9pm Sun. $5.95-$9.95.

Photo Dolce Spazio Dessert Cafe
Gelato. Fantastic, locally made gelato. 221 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos. Open 7am-11pm Mon-Thu and 7am-11:30pm Fri-Sun. 408.395.1335.

Photo Yagoz Gelato
Gelato. Great flavors. 1111-5 Meridian Ave., San Jose. Open 10am-10pm Mon-Thu and 10am-11pm Fri-Sun. 408.266.9246.

Photo Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt Co.
Yogurt. Rich low-fat yogurt and rare frozen silk custard. 1098 Lincoln Ave., San Jose. Open 11am-10pm Sun-Thu and 11am-11pm Fri-Sat. 408.292.5961.

Photo Madison and Fifth
Italian. Bold and daring. 367 University Ave., Palo Alto. 650.323.3900. Noon-3pm and 5-11pm daily. $12-$31.

Photo Restaurant James Randall
Sister and nephew remember James Randall with restaurant that would have made him proud. 303 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos. 408.395.4441. 11am-2:30pm and 5:30-9:30pm Tue-Sun. $20-$28.

Photo The Dog House
Hot dogs. Brings both classic and inventive links to downtown San Jose. 80 S. First St., San Jose. 408.995.0924. 11am-9pm Mon-Wed, 11am-2:30am Thu-Fri and 11:30am-2:30am Sat. $2.95-$5.95.

Photo Shalimar
Indian/Pakistani. Silicon Valley's domination in the Asian cuisine arena is now sealed. 1146 W. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale. 408.530.0300. 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:30-10:30pm Mon-Fri and 12:30-3:30pm and 5:30-11pm Sat-Sun. $2.50-$16.95 (cash only).

Photo Kampai House
French-Japanese. Brings innovation and flavor to French-Japanese fusion. 595 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale. 408.830.0628. 11am-10pm Sun-Thu and 11am-midnight Fri-Sat. $7-$40.

Photo Parcel 104
New American. One of Silicon Valley's best kept secrets. 2700 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara. 408.970.6104. Breakfast 6-10am Mon-Fri and 7-11am Sat-Sun, lunch 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri and dinner 5:30-9pm Mon-Sat. $38-$68.

Photo Lupretta's Delicatessen
Delicatessen. 14480 Big Basin Way, Saratoga. 408.484.0004. 9:30am-7pm Mon-Fri and 9:30am-6pm Sat. $5-$12.

Photo Vittoria Ristorante Italiano
Italian. Stylish with a sharp, light menu. 27 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos. 408.395.6000. 11:30am-3pm and 5-10pm Sun-Thu and 11am-11pm Fri-Sat. $11-$22.

Photo Kabab House Halal
Iraqi. 2521 Newhall St., Santa Clara. 408.984.2204. 11am-10pm Tue-Sun. $2.99-$10.50.

Photo Palms Restaurant
Iraqi. 2707 Union Ave., San Jose. 408.963.2001. 10am-9pm Mon-Thu, 10am-10pm Fri-Sat and 10am-9pm Sun. $4.99-$9.95.

Photo HC Dumpling House
Chinese. Serves up its namesake with a Shanghai twist. 10877 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino. 408.873.4813. Closed Tue. $6-$15.

Photo Rico's Mexican Cafe
Mexican. New Campbell Mexican spot does everything right. 360 E. Campbell Ave., Palo Alto. 498.866.5293. 9am-9pm Mon-Fri and 8am-9pm Sat-Sun.

Photo Mantra
French-American. New Palo Alto restaurant has got everything in the talent department. 632-636 Emerson St., Palo Alto. 650.322.3500. Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Sat, dinner 5:30-10pm Sun-Thu and 5:30-10:30pm Fri-Sat, Sun brunch 10am-2:30pm.

Photo Rinconcito Colombiano
South American. Silicon Valley's gateway to Colombia. 2306 Almaden Road, San Jose. 408.265.8894. 11am-3pm and 5-9pm Wed-Sat and noon-8pm Sun.

Photo Chez T.J.
French. Located in a picturesque 1890 Victorian house off Castro Street. The 12-course meal is a stunner. 938 Villa St., Mountain View. Tues-Thurs 5:30pm-9pm and Fri-Sat 5:30pm-9:30pm. 650.964.7466.

Photo Tlaquepaque No. 3
Mexican. Tlaquepaque has three locations, all in Willow Glen. It's a rare story of expanding while holding on to local flavor. 699 Curtner Ave., San Jose. Open 7am-9pm Mon-Sat. 408.448.1230.

Photo Saigon 75
Vietnamese. New restaurant in San Jose near the new City Hall delivers distinctive Vietnamese cuisine. 304A Santa Clara St., San Jose. 11am-3pm and 5pm-10pm Tue-Sun. 408.286.4900.

Photo La Pizzeria in Campbell
Pizza. The real pizza can be found at La Pizzeria, thin crusts and all. 11:30am-2pm and 5-11pm Mon-Fri, 5pm-11pm Sat and Sun 11:30am-11pm. 373 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell. 408.370.0826.

House of Soul Food
Santa Clara restaurant is the South Bay's best Southern cooking.

Santa Clara Valley Fruit
The rare fruits of the valley still thrive in the face of rampant development.

Slow Food
Get more out of your food by discovering the Slow Food movement in the South Bay and beyond.

Cheek Meat
More and more gourmets in this country are discovering what the rest of the world already knows—cheeks are not just for kissing.

Naglee Park Garage
Big men think small with tiny bistro in an urban neighborhood.

Unique flavors and a special bond with customers make Sunnyvale discovery a top-notch option for Japanese cuisine.

Athena Grill
Santa Clara Greek restaurant offers food fit for a goddess.

Spice World
Mountain View's Southern Spice is Indian food on the edge.

Put a Cork In It
Three of the valley's top wine shops make it easier than ever to imbibe in style.

Can You Believe That Jerk?
Back A Yard brings Jamaica to the peninsula.

Village People
Woodside's Village Pub has survived the dotcom bust with its flavors intact.

Sent Packing
Chef Josiah Slone has finally exorcised the memory of David Kinch at Sent Sovi.

Fast, Cheap And Full Of Soul
Amber Cafe is fast food for people who like good food.

Beef Beyond Belief
Bo bay mon is seven courses of meat lover paradise.

Eat My Dust
Some of the best barbecue in the South Bay is hiding down in Morgan Hill.

The Thrill Is Gone
While it still offers solid dining, Spago Palo Alto's days on the culinary cutting edge are over.

Psst! Eat At Gochi
The owners may prefer to keep it under wraps, but you won't find anything quite like it.

Local Ovens We're Lovin'
A holiday tour of the South Bay's best bakeries.

Breaking Through
Aldo's winning formula has cracked one of Silicon Valley's toughest markets: Los Altos.

Sino the Times
Sino's intriguing and even daring fusion proves it has more going for it than just good looks.

Club Life
Smoke Tiki Lounge and Barbecue in San Jose.

Iran, Iran All Night And Day
Get right with Mountain View's restaurant row, and sample the Persian food at Rose International Market.

C'mon, Get Happy
Even if your mom didn't serve you tofu made to look like meat, you'll feel mothered at the Happy Bamboo.

Club Life
Baybar in Redwood City.

Just Is For All
'Laziz' is Lebanese for 'delicious,' and for San Jose's Just Laziz, it's truth in advertising.

Setting The Bar
La Pastaia offers big-city style and the embodiment of rustic Italian fare.

Club Life
Sino Restaurant And Lounge in San Jose.

Lowly Chow Goes Highbrow
There's a peasant-food rebellion going on in the food world as ingredients once considered low-class are now making a big splash in fine-dining restaurants, including right here in Silicon Valley.

Urban Food Secrets...Car Cultureealed!
If cheap food is going to become tomorrow's fine dining, it's got to start somewhere. Here's a rundown of some of San Jose's best-kept secrets.

Monster Mush
Want to serve up something truly scary? Colored Cheez-Whiz has nothing on jellied tongue on Halloween.

Degree of Style
Big flavors and metropolitan swank are the stuff of Los Gatos' 180.

Club Life
Loft Bar and Bistro in San Jose.

Coming Soontofu
Omogari will help you brush up on your culinary vocabulary before Korean food gets big.

Say Cheesesteak
Leave your arteries at home and find a little bit of Philly in Silicon Valley.

Have Fun Storming The Castle!
Two Mediterranean restaurants provide a bastion of culinary refuge in a high-tech landscape.

BBQ: The Taste of America
Mountain View's Uncle Frank is the pit master of America's true culinary art.

Drink Big, Eat Small
Saizo introduces Silicon Valley to Japanese tapas.

Flea Enterprise
Buy! Sell! Eat! The flea market is an offbeat culinary adventure.

Vung Tau Wows
San Jose institution has a great story—and great food.

Building a Better Burger
Main Street Burgers is on to something special.

This Food Stinks
And if you're a daredevil eater looking for the last culinary thrill, it may be your best bet.

True Story
Lovers of Italian food need daring places like Vero.

French Connection
Fine dining at Le Papillon means stepping into another world.

Seoul Searching
San Jose's Red Charcoal could help Korean cuisine find its way into the American mainstream.

Pot On
The Melting Pot is leading an unexpected fondue renaissance.

Nice Package!
Savoring South Bay dumpling houses.

Poor House Riches
For a New Orleans fix, drive yourself into the Poor House Bistro.

Home Plate
When in J-town, grub like the locals.

Club Life
Babes Sports Bar & Grill in San Jose.

The Young Turk
Can't pronounce htipiti or cerkez tavugu? Doesn't matter— at Thea, just eat it.

Savoring the South Bay's other noodle soup.

More Lee's, Please
A new, better—and multicultural—approach to fast food lands in San Jose.

Alexander's the Great
New East-West steakhouse could be the best new Silicon Valley restaurant of the year.

The Taste of Fear
Eat, drink and be very afraid. As the psychological fallout from the recent Wendy's debacle proves, being frightened of our food is the American way. Does it really have to be like this?

Fingered by Folklore
Urban legend history points the way toward a healthy skepticism of food scare stories.

Secret's Out
Kabab and Curry's in Santa Clara is about to break big in the Indian cuisine scene.

Heat Seeker
Michael Mina's Arcadia is trying to ignite the Silicon Valley dining scene, but it still needs a spark.

Visit Vietnam
The Grand Century Mall is Silicon Valley's most surprising link to Vietnamese cuisine.

Havana Affair
Looking for good Cuban food in the Bay Area? Meet Los Cubano's.

Yin-Yang Can Cook
Think vegetarians have it hard? Imagine what life is like for macrobiotic eaters, who finally have a place of their own in Palo Alto.

Eating on The Edge
Milpitas' South Legend Sichuan Restaurant is hot in more ways than one.

Two Tickets To Pinot Paradise
Pinot noir lovers aren't giving up on their favorite just because it's trendy.

Club Life
Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge in San Jose.

In Search Of Omakase
Mountain View's Sushi Tomi offers a rare opportunity for a little-known sushi tradition.

Yea, America!
Los Altos Grill serves a heaping slice of American fare.

Kinch Confidential
Is Manresa's David Kinch the world's next celebrity chef?

The Way We Ate
One well-fed critic reflects on 20 years of dining in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley's Multiethnic Stew
How immigration has spiced up the region's palate in the last two decades.

Cauliflower and Cleavage
Inside Northern California's world-class food summit: The 19th annual Masters of Food and Wine.

Red All Over
Perched in the hills above Lexington Reservoir, Testarossa Vineyards is on its way to being the worst-kept secret in Silicon Valley.

On a Roll
Suedy's Koo-ki Sushi confections are sweet, edible art.

Savoring Salvador
Sabor Salvadoreño brings the flavors of El Salvador to Santa Clara.

Beyond the Falafel
Sunnyvale's Dishdash gives Middle Eastern fare its fair due.

The Tandoori Solution
Los Gatos restaurant offers alternative to ho-hum Indian buffets.

Bowled Over
San Jose's La Peñita serves Mexican food with heart.

Links Plus
Mom-and-pop shop Neto's is tops for sausage.

Stones' Soup Rocks
Blue Stones offers good tofu soup and other Korean specialties.

Links Plus
Mom-and-pop shop Neto's is tops for sausage.

The Third Degree
Los Gatos newcomer has great ingredients to work with but doesn't always do them justice.

Supper Lasts
71 Saint Peter revisited.

Club Life
180 Restaurant and Lounge in San Jose.

Hooray For Malay
Layang Layang is a top stop for Malaysian food.

Club Life
Monte Carlo in Mountain View; Mulcahy's on the Avenue in San Jose.

Go Ahead, Slurp
Maru Ichi keeps a noodle tradition alive.

Now With Fish
Stoa Restaurant shines with new location, new menu.

Our Utopia
Eating abroad at home, on South De Anza Boulevard.

Young Turk
New Kapadokia keeps Turkish food alive.

Zeni Philosophy
Ethiopian restaurant celebrates communal pleasures of eating.

Star Power
After 40 years, Estrellita still shines.

Make a Pass
Salang Pass Restaurant offers an elegant entry into Afghan cuisine.

Darda, My Darling
An unusual Chinese restaurant where there's a lot to like.

Take Two
Kuleto's Italian Restaurant turns over a new leaf.

Club Life
Splash in San Jose.

Quite a Catch
Race Street Seafood Kitchen just keeps on reeling them in.

Sensory Surprise
Anise Cafe offers uncommonly good food in an unlikely place.

No Place Like Homma's
Patience is rewarded at Homma's Brown Rice Sushi.

It's Raining Menus
People in Silicon Valley eat out a lot more than the average (perhaps sloppy) Joe.

Fessin' Up To the 'F' Word
Proud confessions of a foodie.

Right to Choose
Where vegetarians like to go out on the town.

Club Life
Dive Bar.

Big Brew
Campbell Brewing Company hops to the front of the brewpub scene.

A Cup Above
Coupa Cafe offers elegant cafe fare with a Venezuelan touch.

Carne Pleasures
Consuelo Mexican Bistro is good, but not to die for.

The Royal Treatment
Savoring the Empress of India's savoir-faire.

Taste Translation
Brett Yasukawa lets the food do the talking at Yasu.

Live Feed
Crush Course.

Fast, Cheap and Full of Soul
Is Malaysian the new Thai food? Lombok could start a trend.

'Cue It Up
At Uncle Frank's House of Barbeque, meat is the reason.

Chu's Still Got It
Blending tradition with experimentation, Chef Chu's re-energizes Chinese cuisine.

American Beauty
Paragon Restaurant brings back 'Brady Bunch' cool.

Club Life
Campbell Brewing Company.

Boot It Up
Pezella's Villa Napoli brings a little Italy home.

Live Feed
Why is it so hard to find a good fish taco in Silicon Valley?

Viva to Life
East Los Gatos gets hip to a casual jazzy eatery.

Live Feed
A new column by 'Metro''s food editor, Stett Holbrook.

Seasons In the Zen
Kaygetsu's take on Japanese cuisine presents food as edible art.

Playing Favorites
Hidden gem Bangkok Taste is almost too good to share.

Club Life
The Wave Room in Los Gatos.

Hotel Minimal
An unorthodox approach gives zest to Hotel Valencia's Citrus.

Landmark Dining
The Great Wall Chinese food makes for good neighbors.

Club Life
The Blue Maiz in Morgan Hill.

Night Owl's Daytripper
The Cardinal Coffee Shop and Lounge offers something for every belly.

Club Life
The Blue Monkey in San Jose.

Gift of the Gods
Evvia's Greek influence deserves a bow from above.

Zucca Keeper
Big flavors and intimate atmosphere turn the focus on Zucca.

Fine China
P.F. Chang's brings its brand of perfected Asian gourmet to downtown.

Bread Winner
Pulling the tablecloth from under San Jose Coffee Shop's split personality.

Being Shellfish
McCormick and Schmick's downtown seafood restaurant nets an ocean's heaven.

Club Life
Mission Ale House in San Jose.

Chomps Elyseés
Thirteen years is a lucky number for French food at Cafe Marcella.

Club Life
Beavers Bar & Grill in San Jose.

How Green Is the Valley
With a new Rosie McCann's opening on Santana Row, the Irish scene is gettin' jiggy.

Purple Reigns
Lavanda restyles Italian food to make it a little more Palo Alto.

Coming Through! Hot Soup!
Jim Hwang promises you'll have a good time at Tofu House.

Club Life
Club Monaco in Sunnyvale.

Fairy Tale Beginning
Los Gatos' Transilvania Restaurant proves to have a real stake in Romanian delicacies.

In the Pink
Casa Vicky's homey feel sets an appropriate mood for its home-cooked food.

Club Life
The Heritage Theatre in Campbell.

Out of the Ordinary
Two local restaurants bring Afghan cuisine to the masses.

Club Life
Forbes Mill Steakhouse in Los Gatos.

Belly Pulpit
Taverna Gyros lends Sunnyvale some Old World Mediterranean charm.

Club Life
Tamarine in Palo Alto.

Abundant Dim Sum
On the carts at Kowloon, delicacies roll by. All you have to do is point.

Keep on Moroccan
Pull up a cushion at Menara Moroccan Restaurant and feast on tradition.

Club Life
Touchdown Tommy's in San Jose.

To the Letter
Sunnyvale's charming Il Postale delivers on southern Italian specialties.

Club Life
The Fairmont Hotel's Grill on the Alley in downtown San Jose.

Coming Out on Tapas
Mountain View's Cascal succeeds with small plates, big heart.

Cheap Eats
La Victoria Taqueria in downtown San Jose.

Royal Family Dining
The heat is on at Mountain View's Taj Mahal restaurant.

Cheap Eats
The Happy Hound in Los Gatos.

Local Motion
Two south San Jose restaurants battle the mall-ification of cuisine.

Cheap Eats
The Mediterranean in Santa Clara.

Beefing Up
After mad cow, is the barbecue still on?

Artful Dining
Los Gatos' Tapestry bistro weaves a seasonal menu with an intimate atmosphere.

Pucker Up
Blowfish Sushi brings raw fish to the beautiful people.

Rip Curl
From Japan to San Jose, a surfer boy imports bowls full of warmth.

Cheap Eats
Mission Ale House in San Jose.

Tipping Points
Calculating it is confusing, and cynics call it a subsidy. An inside look at the art of tipping.

Spice Drunk
Chaat Paradise travels the spice road, vegetarian-style.

Together Forever
Chef Yung Le's creations combine the best of two worlds.

Knife, Fork, Cocktail
Trends of the year in food.

Spice Island
Wedged into a prime slot on University Avenue, Marigold provides the spice-deprived with inexpensive Indian specialties.

Lucky Charm
Birk's keeps its grip on an age-old formula for success: a happy host, grade-A beef and delectable desserts.

The Story of O
A name change and image sophistication allow chef Justin Perez to expand his sensuous domain at Restaurant O in Campbell.

Puttanesca in Its Place
Savoring the old country, Sicilian-style, is as easy as stepping into Palo Alto's mellowest Mediterranean dining room.

Whitewashing The Holidays
A tale of the first Thanksgiving--the way it really was.

After the Froth
Oak City Bar and Grill dishes out New American comfort food in a lofty lodge environment.

Italy Chic
Piatti appeals with robust cooking and simpatico libations--all just around the corner from Bloomingdale's.

Ahoy, Sated
Los Gatos' Steamer's Grillhouse nets a plentiful menu of fine fishy food.

Season's Eatings
With the blush on the candy corn, the holiday season arrives: two glorious months of guiltless gluttony.

Roll of the Rice
A slick house of sushi sensations, Sushi Zone offers tons of wasabi-laced specialties for the fussiest sushi-heads.

Steak Through the Heart
Fans of power protein have found a new reason to live--and dine and drink--at Forbes Mill Steakhouse.

My Mercado
A sign in the window read 'Fresh Menudo,' and that was all it took to stop the car.

Tastes Like Teen Spirit
The Edge Bar and Grill amps up American cuisine.

Saratoga Via France
The reinvention of Sent Sovi sends taste buds on a bumpy ride toward succulent dessert.

Turning Veg Heads
Palo Alto's casually glamorous STOA Restaurant and Wine Bar gives meat-free dining delicious sophistication.

Paris Match
Classic French cooking in a strip mall? Voilà Brigitte's.

Cheap Eats
Grande Pizzeria Ristorante.

Lucky Number
The Alameda jumps to some sexy flavors and technopop sounds served up in sleek surroundings.

Sautéed for Greatness
Dalat, the second-oldest Vietnamese restaurant in San Jose, puts diners in a beatific state.

Surreal World
An oddly exquisite dining experience awaits at Saratoga's Gervais.

Strip Mall Continental
Bella Mare overcomes its location with bold sauces and sweet service.

Pita Paradise
Kan Zeman's appealing Mediterranean dining mecca offers a sensuous menu and warm welcome to hummus-happy Palo Alto.

Slice It Like That
Santana Row's Pizza Antica serves up supermodel pizza that'll keep you coming back--despite the military presence.

Zest for Spice
Citronelle takes California cuisine's fresh ingredients and high-grade meat and adds a kick of sophisticated Vietnamese spicing.

The New Economy
Take another look at leftovers--the second glance might just save you a mint (and we're not talking dinner mint).

Going Coastal
It's not exactly a cafe or a bistro, but Half Moon Bay's Cetrella Bistro Cafe translates to good food.

Arcadian Rhythms
The boldly named new dining room attached to San Jose's convention center works for its pricey reputation.

Asian Persuasion
Culinary multitasking ascends new heights without missing a spicy beat at Palo Alto's Asian bistro New Bamboo.

Early to Rise
Joe Izzo scouts out two great breakfast wake-up calls for those who like to greet the dawn with food in hand.

Breaking the Ice
Let aperitifs awaken your senses.

Cheap Eats
San Jose Bar and Grill.

Zibibbo Doo Dah
Three cheers for great Mediterranean food that doesn't lose its cool at dessert.

Spice Camp
Downtown San Jose's attractive Shalimar Indian Restaurant curries our favor.

Back to the Beach
At Hukilau, the Hawaiian latitude warms up local food attitude.

Back to Your Roots
In the forests of Woodside, deer aren't the only things on the menu.

Yan in Action
Yan Can, part of a new Asian fast food chain, offers fresh food in a hurry.

Ciao Down
Anchoring the designer oasis that is Santana Row, Maggiano's sends a big fat Italian kiss to San Jose.

Bite Out of Time
Slowin' it down on the road to culinary nirvana at the school of Cool.

Market Basket
A guide to the farmers markets of Santa Clara Valley.

Keeping Stride
Saratoga's Plumed Horse is a venerable institution. If you haven't been there, it's time to head for the hills.

Caffeine Cuisine
On the wings of great espresso, comfort Mediterranean food at Caffé Verona makes for a friendly bohemian evening.

Straits and Narrow
The latest destination restaurant at Santana Row tries to find a balance between spicy and sweet.

Bake Love, Not War
Two elegant new bakeries, Flower Flour and Cocola, remind us why it's still OK to love some things that are French.

The Really, Really Good Life
Already a legend, Emile's just got better--and the reason is the vibrant presence of a gifted new chef.

Pier Won
Santana Row's Yankee Pier restaurant rides the tides of Bradley Ogden's conceptual talent and some very fresh fish.

Cheap Eats
House of Chu in San Jose.

What's in a Name
At Maurizio's Authentic Italian Ristorante, the real flavor is the personality of Maurizio himself.

Another Stratta-sphere
For Stratta's devoted fans and newcomers alike, things just keep getting better at downtown's star central.

Sushi Cue
Saratoga's Masu calls itself a Japanese bistro, and the juxtaposition yields unexpected surprises.

Da Bigga Di Beppo
Proving that over-the-top dining has not yet worn out its welcome, Buca di Beppo gives 'big' a bigger name.

Chic Pick
California Cafe reigns as a destination point for Asian-inspired nouveau cuisine--and desserts to sigh for.

Taking Flight
Sonoma Chicken Coop draws a crowd during sports events, but its succulent spit-roast is the real goal.

Back Street Joys
Willow Glen's Siena Bistro keeps some tasty entrees hidden behind a modest exterior.

Diner Primer
When times are tough, the tough get all-day omelettes: a celebration of the diner.

Banking on It
Menlo Park's Left Bank packs in bon vivants determined to bust out the real bistro experience.

Buoyed by Sushi
Cruise on in to Kazoo, where delicious sushi, sashimi or teriyaki guarantees smooth sailing.

Cheap Eats
Pizza My Heart in downtown San Jose.

Upper Crust
Life's not just cherries and graham crackers at Santa Clara's Cheesecake Factory.

Ready, Set, Glow
Adding to its bounty, Los Gatos scores again with its very own Kuleto's tucked into a new luxury hotel.

The Bitter and the Sweet
Car Cultureisiting the baroque Italian world of Viaggio.

Designer Dining
Flashy flavors in a gorgeously understated setting define Palo Alto's Tamarine.

Cheap Eats
California Noodle in San Jose.

Guided by Niceness
Simple elegance and earthy ingredients guarantee Vin Santo's Willow Glen longevity.

Pasta With a Cause
Looking to reinvigorate your Italian taste buds? Menlo Park's Trellis may be the answer.

Cheap Eats
Dac Phuc in San Jose.

Grandma or Not
Jasmine Alley's Chinese food tastes so good that it renders rumors irrelevant.

Fit for a Godfather
A new chef and streamlined menu heat things up at Niebaum-Coppola.

Speaking of Italian
D'Asaro spins a new twist on a favorite traditional cuisine.

Brought to You by the Letter...
Z in Los Altos.

Cheap Eats
Zao Noodle Bar in Palo Alto.


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Quick restaurant hits by Metro dining editor Stett Holbrook.

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Top-5 lists and hot picks.

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Vegetarian eateries in the South Bay.